Sci-Fi, Drama, Mecha/Robot

Airing Date:
Spring 2021

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The story takes place in the Republic of San Magnolia, a nation under siege by the neighboring Giadian Empire. The empire has been carrying out its invasion using an unmanned autonomous battle drone army called the Legion. In retaliation, San Magnolia eventually creates their own drone army known as the Juggernaut. Although these drones are believed to be unmanned, in truth they are piloted by the Eighty-Six, a group of people who have been stripped of their humanity and are cast into battle as dispensable soldiers. The Eighty-Six is composed of a squadron called Spearhead and led by their field commander, Shin. On the battlefield devoid of hope where only death awaits, Shin continues to fight for a certain purpose.

Lena, an elite Republican soldier, is assigned as the new commanding officer, also known as a “handler,” to oversee the Spearhead Squadron. Lena despises the social caste system of the Republic that looks down on the Eighty-Sixers as “subhuman pigs,” and treats them as human beings. With Shin leading the young Eighty-Sixers on the battlefield and the talented and promising elite Lena offering tactical support from the rear, they stand on the front lines constantly on the brink of life and death.

Despite living in a class based-society where a pureblood such as Lena should have never crossed paths with someone of mixed race like Shin, the two of them break down social constructs and continue to fight for a brighter future.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Shin (Shinei Nouzen)

86-KV-e1606278579729 86

Voice Actor: Shouya Chiba

He is the field commander of the Spearhead Squadron, the First Defense Squad of the First Ward on the Eastern Front of the Republic of San Magnolia. His codename is "Undertaker". He has the ability to hear the thoughts of others, but after being strangled by his brother and brought to the brink of death, he develops the ability to hear the voices of the dead, which enables him to locate the Legion at any time.

Rena (Mirize Vladilena)

86-KV-e1606278579729 86

Voice Actor: Ikumi Hasegawa

She received the rank of Major at the tender age of 16. After sending out Shin and the others, she takes command of 86's elite squadron Spearhead and earns the nickname Bloody Regina for her demanding orders and highly competent leadership.


Voice Actor: -

A great sharpshooter. She takes a fancy to Shin. Her codename is "Gunslinger".


Voice Actor: -

She is graceful, but she reveals a ruthlessness on the battlefield comparable to any of the members of her squadron. Her codename is "Snow Witch".


Voice Actor: -

He is a tall young man. For some reason, he is prone to awkward or uncomfortable situations. His codename is "Black Dog".


Voice Actor: -

He is a young boy who gets easily flattered, and a mood-maker in the unit. His codename is "Falke".


Voice Actor: -

The vice-commander of Spearhead Squadron. He is the closest member to Shin. His codename is "Wehrwolf".


Voice Actor: -

A girl who speaks in a boyish tone. Her codename is "Kirschblute".


Voice Actor: -

A girl who is usually rather blunt and has an impulsive character that is appropriate for her age. Her codename is "Laughing Fox".

"86" (Light novel)
86-KV-e1606278579729 86

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Asato Asato
  • Director: Toshimasa Ishii
  • Series Composition: Toshiya Ono
  • Character Design: Tetsuya Kawakami
  • Original Illustrator: Shirabi
  • Music: Hiroyuki Sawano / KOHTA YAMAMOTO

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