"Alice Gear Aegis: Doki! Actress Darake no Mermaid Grand Prix♥" OVA Coming This Summer!!

Alice Gear Aegis: Doki! Actress Darake no Mermaid Grand Prix♥



Airing Date:
Summer 2021


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Characters & Voice Actors

Yotsuyu Hirasaka: Manami Numakura

A new Actress who has just joined Narukozaka Manufacturing. She’s a perky, proactive high school student who will push herself to any lengths to make others smile. After graduating from junior high school, she acquired her Actress license and became an Actress so that she could save more people. She attends the unpopular Ashihara High School as a first-year student.
Sitara Kaneshiya: Maaya Uchida

An Actress affiliated with Narukozaka Manufacturing and Yotsuyu’s senior. She’s a second-year student at Momokage Academy General High School, a school with integrated courses and a large student body. She loves video games, especially FPS (first person shooters). Besides games, her other hobbies include anime, drawing, singing and other nerdy things. Recently, she started doing live streams of her singing songs from her favorite robot anime. Can Sitara and her partner Fumika Momoshina really be mentors to Yotsuyu…?
Fumika Momoshina: Yui Ishikura

An Actress affiliated with Narukozaka Manufacturing and Yotsuyu’s senior. She’s a talented girl who looks calm, cool, and collected and is very knowledgeable. She’s single-minded and has a serious personality, so she dislikes any kind of irresponsibility. She also speaks her mind about everything. On the other hand, even though she has a pessimistic attitude, she is good at looking after others. With her talent and disposition, she supports those at Narukozaka Manufacturing who are performing poorly. She’s currently a second-year student at Seijo University First High School. She’s in the same year as Kaede, but they don’t know each other.
Yumi Yotsuya: Eriko Matsui

An Actress affiliated with Narukozaka Manufacturing, but she’s currently on a temporary assignment at a rival company in Nakano. She was working at a gentlemen’s clu—...ahem, a restaurant, but became an Actress so that she could pay off her debt and cover her living expenses. Though it appears that she’s continuing her side hustle. Sitara and the others say that being an Actress is actually the side hustle. She’s old friends with Sitara and Fumika, but there’s no end to their quarreling. She’s the kind of person who once she’s got an idea in her head, that’s all she can think about. Deep down she’s a serious person.
Toka Shimoochiai: Yuna Taniguchi

An Actress affiliated with Empire Nakano. She currently works as an Ekoda idol. She thinks of herself as an Actress who can sing and dance whatever is in at the time. She aspires to be a major idol and makes herself pleasing to everyone, but in front of the captain and other Actresses, her true, less friendly self, unintentionally comes out.
Sugumi Kanagata: Atsumi Tanezaki

An up-and-coming beautiful young modeler who sometimes uses natural materials. She attends the Girls University of Art and Design. She has produced many diverse works such as Actress figurines, props for visual effects, and toys. She kind of sees Yasuri Araime as her rival because of their difference in ideas for modeling, but they are more or less on good terms.
Yasuri Araime: Akari Kitou

A college student from an Okinawa Shard who usually attends Tokyo Suiiki University. However, her real identity is the faceless modeler named the “Bastard File,” who has made a name for herself at numerous diorama production contests. Yasuri and another modeler, Sugumi Kanagata, often joke around as a comedy duo where Yasuri plays the straight role, taking the brunt of Sugumi’s jokes.

Theme Songs
  • Ending Song: by Yotsuyu Hirasaka (CV: Manami Numakura), Shitara Kaneshiya (CV: Maaya Uchida), Fumika Momoshina (CV: Yui Ishikawa)
"Alice Gear Aegis" (Game)

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Pyramid
  • Director: Hirokazu Hanai
  • Script: Masahiro Okubo
  • Character Design: Rikiya Okano
  • Music: ZUNTATA

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