Anime Rewind: DNA²

An Awkward Tale of Sci-Fi, Comedy, and Romance

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi
  • Airing Date : October 7, 1994 – December 23, 1994
  • Studios : Madhouse, Studio Deen

Contains Spoilers

DNA² Introduction

If some of you are familiar with Japanese sociology, the nation has been facing a significant decrease in its birth rate for the last 20 years, which has consequently led to a population decrease. As for the world of DNA² (with the squared to be read as the number two), the future of Japan has a severe overpopulation crisis! So, how did it all happen? It was all thanks to the Mega Playboy, who got a 100 women pregnant, and out of the boys, the cycle continued 100 years into the future to the point that it caused an overpopulation problem.

The government decides to send Karin Aoi into the past to stop the Mega Playboy before he starts his conquest. As it turns out, before he as the Mega Playboy, Junta Momonari was just like most teenagers, he was very awkward around girls to the point that he’d throw up when aroused, and the fate of the future wants him to stay that way. However, Karin makes a mistake by firing the wrong DNA bullet into him and it makes him into the Mega Playboy! And to make matters worse, she now finds herself falling for him!

What We Liked About DNA²

Junta’s numbers in the future may not match that to what NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain claimed (that he bedded 10,000 women), but you do get to see him for who he really is. Junta is a total dork but he’s still a regular guy. You do see where he is coming from when it comes to his personal struggles around girls, and how those frustrations empower him as he becomes an adult. As for Karin, the Junta she falls in love with isn’t the Mega Playboy, but the real Junta. Overall, we enjoy it because it teaches us to love people for who they are.

Why You Should Watch DNA²

1. Great Seiyuu Cast

If you watch DNA², you’re given a big name seiyuu cast. For Junta, he is played by Keiichi Nanba, who you may recognize as the older Batto in Hokuto no Ken 2, Andy Bogard in the Fatal Fury games and anime, and Zoisite in Sailor Moon. He does an awesome job of portraying himself as a dorky teenager, and as the man of any woman’s dreams. Providing Karin’s voice is Miina Tominaga, the voice of Noa in Patlabor, Rin in Hokuto no Ken 2, and Yahiko in Rurouni Kenshin. Other big names hardcore seiyuu buffs will also recognize are Megumi Hayashibara as Tomoko, and Takehito Koyasu as Ryuji.

2. Awesome Soundtrack

If there is one reason why you’re going to enjoy DNA², it is most certainly its soundtrack. As for its opening theme, it uses L’arc~en~ciel’s break out hit, Blurry Eyes. It’s very energetic and spirited, and is very in tune with the series and perfectly portrays the feelings that Junta and Karin have for each other. As for the ending theme, there’s Single Bed by Sharan Q. It’s probably one of the best ending theme songs of all time and it’s universally relatable. If you listen to this song and understand its lyrics, it really knows what true love is.

Why You Should Skip DNA²

1. Action is DBZ-ish

There is some action in this anime, but it obviously rip offs (or pays homage?) Dragon Ball Z. We understand that Masakazu Katsura, the original creator, happens to be friends with Akira Toriyama, but the action felt very out of place in this anime. Action is fine, but when it comes to ripping off Dragon Ball Z (and turning the Mega Playboy transformation into a Super Saiyan one), that’s just getting unbelievably ridiculous. Sometimes we try to figure out what’s more awkward, the fight in episode 2 at the restaurant, or the ending to The Soprano’s.

2. You need to read the manga to fully appreciate and understand this series.

A lot things about the DNA² anime is not going to make sense, such as why Junta can fight like a DBZ character. There are certain qualities to this anime that makes about as much sense as the physics to Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. All you are told about the Mega Playboy in the anime is that he could practically have any woman he wants and that was it. Nobody said anything about him being able to teleport, have super strength and that it can be used like a Super Saiyan power up. However, if you read the manga, it actually explains why he can do all that, and it does an excellent job of explaining why. It’s inexcusable for the anime to remove such important information (unless the anime is meant to be a commercial for the manga, which does happen). In addition, the final chapter of the manga adds a very unique twist that makes the ending much more touching and it’s very disappointing that the anime takes this quality out as well.

Final Thoughts

Though the manga gives an overall better story, if an excellent seiyuu cast and soundtrack are high on your list, then what the DNA² anime can provide in relation to that does make up for it. For some viewers who watched this on old VHS fansubs back in the 90’s, this was probably their gateway to L’arc~en~ciel and Sharon Q. You also get to hear a sweeter and softer performance from Megumi Hayashibara, who tends to be very rambunctious. In this series, she can convince you she’s a genuine school girl. The cast can be wacky, but it touches your heart at the right moments. It’s just sad that this anime was rushed because if it was faithful to the manga to a T, this could probably be the best anime of all time.

DNA2-Wallpaper-1 Anime Rewind: DNA²


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