Dragon, Ie wo Kau. (Dragon Goes House-Hunting)

Dragon-Ie-o-Kau.-Dragon-Ie-o-Kau-KV-e1600828988949 Dragon, Ie wo Kau. (Dragon Goes House-Hunting)

Dragon-Ie-o-Kau.-Dragon-Ie-o-Kau-KV-e1600828988949 Dragon, Ie wo Kau. (Dragon Goes House-Hunting)

Dragon, Ie wo Kau.

Comedy. Fantasy

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Letty is a failure of dragonkind. He’s a young dragonling who was tasked with protecting a treasure, but it was stolen under his watch by an adventurer. For his incompetence, he was kicked out of his family.

Just wanting to live a quiet life, Letty sets off on a journey with the capricious Demon Lord Dearia, who runs a real estate office and makes every effort to help him find his dream home. In a vast world full of elves, dwarfs, goblins and other mythical creatures, finding his dream home on this house-hunting quest might prove to be more difficult than he ever imagined.

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A young red dragon. Though he was born into the noble dragon species, he’s completely useless. He’s timid and weak in battle, can’t use magic, is a below-average flyer, and can’t swim. The only thing he has going for him is his size, but that poses another problem, which is he requires a large house to live in. He wishes to live in peace, so he sets off on a quest with Dearia to find the house of his dreams. Due to the uproar he causes in the human world, he adopts the name “Flame Dragon King” in order to fool people into thinking he’s a terrifying dragon.


Voice Actor:

A male elf that runs a design office and a real estate office on the side by himself. Despite his youthful good looks, he’s actually over 1,000 years old. On his business cards he’s titled himself first-class architect, real-estate transaction specialist and Demon Lord. When Letty looks at his business card, he perceives it as a nickname meaning the “Demon Lord of the real estate industry”, but his true identity is the Demon Lord who rules over all non-humans. That agenda remains a mystery as he works hard to find a house for Letty.


Voice Actor:

A Hræsvelgr chick. He goes by the name Pip, but Letty decides that his full name is Piyovelt Phelpia Pi Alpine Piyoderika. Due to the so-called “imprint” effect, after Pip hatched from his egg, the first time he laid eyes upon Letty, he thought he was his father.


Voice Actor:

A young girl of royal blood whose family rules over the royal capital of Eos. She’s a selfish princess who gets into fights with her father, the king, over the most trivial things. Just as she runs away from home she is kidnapped, but is fortuitously rescued by Letty. After that, she doesn’t want to return home, so for a short while she joins Letty on his house-hunting quest.

Other TitleDragon Goes House-Hunting
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Kawo Tanuki
  • Director: Haruki Kasugamori
  • Music: Kyohei Matsuno

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