Eternity: Shinya no Nurekoi Channel ♡ (Eternity: Sweet Love Story)

Eternity-Shinya-no-Nurekoi-Channel-♡-Eternity-Sweet-Love-Story-KV Eternity: Shinya no Nurekoi Channel ♡ (Eternity: Sweet Love Story)

Eternity-Shinya-no-Nurekoi-Channel-♡-Eternity-Sweet-Love-Story-KV Eternity: Shinya no Nurekoi Channel ♡ (Eternity: Sweet Love Story)

Eternity: Shinya no Nurekoi Channel ♡

Sexy / Ecchi, Romance, Soryo-Waku

Airing Date:
Fall 2020

Animation Studio Seven

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This anime is a compilation of different love stories. Each one will introduce you to new characters, budding relationships, and sweet romantic moments that will send your heart aflutter. From an office romance to a bittersweet love story, or a doting romance between a newlywed couple, you are bound to enjoy these delectable stories.

Episode 1 “Because I Like You”
29-year-old Mika works as a novelist and translator. She has enough money to not go hungry, but she wonders if she’ll be alone for the rest of her life. Then, out of nowhere, a matchmaking meeting with a tall and handsome security police officer named Shihou Mikajima comes along. He seems like a total catch! Feeling that her match is way out of her league, Mika doesn’t have high hopes. However, Mikajima is quite the sweet-talker and asks for her hand in marriage...

Episode 2 “Doting Days”
Honoka Sakurai’s love life is pretty much non-existent, so she spends most of her time at the construction company where she works. One day she almost collides with Hayato Kurosaki, a good-looking architect who she considers her rival, on the stairs and ends up breaking her foot. Hayato takes the blame for her injury and despite her protesting, decides that they should live together so he can take care of her. Honoka has heard a lot of bad rumors about Hayato and doubts his motives, but once they start living together she realizes the rumors couldn’t be further from the truth. In this super-sweet love story he’s a king of pampering and gives her the royal treatment.

Episode 3 “Is Being Loved Also Part of the Job?!”
Hana Ito is engaged in an office romance until one day her boyfriend callously dumps her. To recover from the shock and get back on her feet, she decides to quit her office job and pursue her dream of studying abroad in America. However, the agency that is handling everything on her behalf goes bankrupt and makes a clean getaway with her money. With no job, no home and no money, Hana has hit rock bottom. One of the seniors she admired at her workplace, Akira Toyama, hears about her situation and makes a proposition that she can live with him if she works as his maid. Though feeling uneasy about it, she accepts and vows to work hard to repay such a grand gesture. Akira is supposedly strict about work, but for some reason he’s overly kind with her. A serious to a fault maid and bumbleheaded master living under the same roof—What will become of their relationship?!

Characters & Voice Actors

Shihou Mikajima: Ryota Iwasaki

The main character of the first episode. A law school graduate who is an elite security police officer. He goes to an omiai, a formal matchmaking meeting, and as soon as he meets Mika, he is so drawn to her that he asks for her hand in marriage.
Mika Mikajima: Mai Ishihara

The heroine of the first episode. She’s a novelist and translator. Her matchmaking partner, Shihou, proposes to her on their first meeting “because he likes her.”
Hayato Kurosaki: Jun Osuka

The protagonist of the second episode. A 28-year-old elite architect. After obtaining the qualifications to be a first-class architect, he studied abroad in France.
Honoka Sakurai: Ai Shimizu

The heroine of the second episode. She is currently working at a construction company in order to become a first-class architect. She considers Hayato her rival, but after he says he’ll take responsibility for her injury at work, they decide to live together.
Akira Toyama: Genta Nakamura

The main character of the third episode. A brilliant, first-rate salesman. He’s received the president’s award three years in a row at his company.
Hana Ito: Haruka Shamoto

The heroine of the third episode. An ordinary office lady who had plans to study abroad. Following the bankruptcy of the agency handling everything on her behalf, Akira offers her work as his housekeeper.
Other TitleEternity: Sweet Love Story
Main Staff
  • Director: Hideki Araki / Iroha / Ryuichi Baba / Rokuro Kuramori
  • Script: Yuzo Yoku / Ryosuke Kobayashi
  • Character Design: Hideki Araki / Iroha / Ryuichi Baba / Kan Soramoto
  • Animation Director: NAMUanimation
  • Sound Director: Koutarou Toyoshima
  • Music: Kanade Creative

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