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    Benjamin Zabala

    So I came across this article here and it got me thinking about how different anime inform or enlighten us to different aspects of Japanese culture and the aspects of an everyday Japanese person that we may not know or understand if we didn't see anime. And it's astounding how much it's impacted our view of the country and showed us an inside look of a place most of us have never been to or didn't grow up in. From the syntax of the language, to how characters address each other, food they eat, stereotypes, social and emotional issues etc. anime basically takes us down the whole nine yards letting our imaginations run wild, and this article emphasizes that greatly. Now what I'd like to hear from you all is any anime perhaps that gave you an eye opening view or Japan or got you peculiarly interested in anime or Japan for the first time because of a certain custom or part of the culture that stood out that represented the country's practices, and stands as a major plot point or character development device etc. in the anime which you saw? For instance, you'd learn a lot about the different foods from watching Food Wars, characters saying senpai or sama to different peers and so on. I'm open to all anecdotes.

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