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    Episode 10 of Charlotte was I think what a lot of people wanted – for Ayumi-chan to be brought back! Well, more like being brought back, she was just saved in the past.

    That brings up the disturbing questions around the time-leaping done in this episode! What happens to the world and the people in it after Otosaka Yuu or his brother time-leap? Do they cease to exist? Or do they live out their lives without them?

    This raises the question of whether the time travel we see in Charlotte creates new timelines, or whether it just totally resets the current timeline.

    And for that matter, since Otosaka went back in time, does that mean that he no longer has any of the powers he plundered after that point?

    Otosaka's big brother travels back in time for the first time:

    Yuu and Ayumi have their memories erased, and we see how Kumagami got to be so wet:

    Otosaka Yuu plunders the time-leap power and goes back to save Ayumi:

    Otosaka takes Ayumi's "Collapse" power, and saves her from being attacked. Both safe, they meet Kumagami and the others on the way home:

    With so many questions, it's hard to get to the bottom of it. What does everyone think about ep. 10, and what are your theories around this time travel stuff?

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    If you think about it, Otosaka somehow still retains his memories after time-leaping, so find it hard to believe he'd lose the powers he got after that.

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    isn't it too easy to save Ayumi?

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      Yeah. I'm not sure I like that she came back so easily... But on the flip side, what if Yuu and Tomori never get to be lovers because of this?

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        Come to think of it, since Yuu took Shun's time leap and went back in time. Maybe he lost the time leap ability because he didn't have that ability in the first place, to simply explain this, when he went back in time he did not yet "possessed" Shun.

        Also, it seems that Nao had her impression of Yuu change. Maybe the ship really begins here XD

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        I really really want to see Nao and Yuu together! I hope the time-leap doesn't mess that up! Though she did seem to act nicer to him.

        I really wonder if he can still use time travel anymore... But then I guess if he needed to, he could just plunder it from his bro again. lol

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