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    Charlotte episode 11 was a thriller!

    Episode 11 Recap:

    Yuu and Ayumi are taken to the research facility where their brother is. Everything's explained to them, including the titular comet named Charlotte, which is the source of these powers. Ayumi can't remember Shunsuke, but accepts him as her big brother anyway.

    Kumagami gets kidnapped and delivered to a foreign gang, and is tortured into saying everything he knows. Tomori is also captured by force and stripped down.

    As the others learn of this situation, Yuu struggles with the fact that he's the only one who can do anything about the situation. After Shunsuke calming him down, he thinks of Tomori, and finds the resolve to fight.

    Yuu puts up a good fight against the gang, but is caught off-guard by the mysterious girl. She slashes his right eye, which makes him unable to time-leap. The battle ends with him using his Collapse power, but this ends up with Kumagami dying to save Tomori from falling debris.

    Leave your thoughts below, and how would you rate this episode from 1 to 10?

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    Can someone please tell me why that little friggin girl is working with a creepy-ass old foreign guy and a body builder? I doubt they're gonna have time to explain everything with only 2 episodes left...

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    I'm torn! I got to see Tomori almost naked, but in a dirty torture room... I'm sad that Kumagami died, but a part of me doesn't care cause she's still alive. 🙂

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      you should feel horrible for saying that. though I'm glad she lived too.

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    Are those the only powers Otosaka had? I thought he possessed the flying guy and stuff too. ALso, couldn't he just have used his telekineses to throw her back?

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    the Dead Pixel

    Didn't he have the power of flight and I think the other is x-ray. If so then he could have use the x-ray thing and see through walls to kmow were the people are then go there, use his telekinesis to put up a barrier from when the girl attacks then throw her until knockout. Same goes for the 3 men then fly over to where Kumagami and Tomori were, leave the buolding with them then use collapse to destroy the building along with the villains (at some point he can think of what he can destroy). Or is it just me?

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      the Dead Pixel

      *know *building. Damn small phone and large hands

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      Wow, yeah. Not sure about the x-ray one, but he definitely should have been able to fly. Or he could have taken that guy's ability to move through barriers! That literally would have saved the day... Why can he only be a badass when he thinks his sister's dead...

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        the Dead Pixel

        Or that, that's better. Didn't he got that x-ray thing from the dude who keeps on selling pictures of naked girls? And also because he has asister complex thing. Too bad his resolve wasn't big enough to save Tomori and Pooh without harming them...

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      Oh! That one! With xray vision, everything would have been fine... Yeah, what the hell... If it wasn't for Pooh, Otosaka would've killed Tomori. Except with no more redo button.

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    Surprising Peripeteia!
    Then, they become to be less presence...

    "I want spend more episodes on the latter story" de gozaru~
    Charlotte sister

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      Those two characters... Did they even serve a purpose? Also, he could just use Megane-kun's power to win against that gang of foreigners! >.<

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