Do you agree with this guy's rant on the anime industry?

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    There's a certain Australian anime YouTuber who recently made a video rant about why he thinks the anime industry is in decline, and what he thinks Japanese companies could be doing about it. And it's even in Japanese! So no calling this guy a weeaboo. 😉

    Do you agree with him? I think I mostly do. If we could pay reasonable prices for downloadable anime, I think many people would do the right thing.

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    I do agree with this guy on many points, but it will definitely be hard to get those to pay for something they were already getting for free. Laws in other countries are different and I feel if those who download aren't breaking there countries law in that matter, what's going to change their mind.
    In addition, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, etc. have horrible internet service to stream anime which is why they download. If streaming sites were to make downloading available it would just have the person paying more money for it since they would be owning it. Just like a DVD/Blu-ray. Another thing to know, a lot of of the folks in the countries don't make a lot of money and probably can't afford to pay for such merchandise. So lowering princes won't help at all, neither will charging for something they can get for free. But I do believe merchandise is where it's at that will help the industry. As much as I want to believe The Anime Man, I don't think anime is in a decline, personally! I meet a lot of people, especially lately, who watch anime. More and More people.
    I would like to know where he's getting his information though, and what he's basing it on? He has some good ideas, but I doubt the companies will listen to him. Stubborn they are! Lol

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      I think his point was that there are a lot of people out there who would be willing to pay a small amount to help out the industry, if they knew it was going directly to the companies in Japan, and not through a third party, like Crunchyroll, for example.

      Though I agree that some people will always use free options as long as it's possible. I also agree that unfortunately, it doesn't seem like any Japanese studios will adopt these suggestions any time soon...

      Hopefully the anime industry is still going strong 5, 10, 20 years from now!

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