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    Toby Ackerman

    asterisk tale of worst one

    I know there are a lot of anime that share elements in common, and that's cool an all... But has anyone else noticed that recently, there have been many anime that just reuse the same old tropes?

    Of course, there are still plenty of unique ones, but I just hope it stays that way.
    The best recent example I can think of is this.

    Thoughts? Am I just overthinking things?

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    Yeah, i do feel like that sometimes, err ...NO... most of the times ! I think the reason is that because we kept watching too much Animes that make us FEEL the similarities in the characters more than their dis-similarities.

    But Rakudai and Asterisk, yes i've felt it ! the two main female leads 😀 !

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    I agree with idea that of late they have been reusing similar ideas and elements pulled from other shows in recent years a few examples off the top of my head would be. (Of course maybe it's just me seeing similarities between these.

    Sao & Log Horizion
    I couldn’t become a hero so I got a job & Devil is a part timer
    Absolute Duo & Seirei No Blade Dance

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      Good examples there. SAO and Log Horizon each had their own things to offer, but the premises are wayyy to similar.

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    I absolutely feel the repetition of tropes in anime recently! IMO, it was expected as the years go by and and due to the amount of anime being produced per season, it's no surprise that it is now becoming more noticeable.
    Like fashion and food, the trends just recycle. They may shuffle around a bit, but what can you expect. Asterisk Wars, Chivalry of a Failed Knight, and Sky Wizard (from last season) were very similar it confused me for a second. Lol I couldn't tell which was which at first when describing it to friends. Lol
    Personally, I felt it first with Slice of Life anime, there's only so much you can do before it begins to recycle the tropes again. Racing anime, even more so. Maybe that's why you don't see that many around anymore. There's only so much you can do.

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    Yeah The Worst One - Stella and The Asterisk War - Julis. This two anime had a similarities XD

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