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    - Spoilers Below -

    The finale was certainly a touching episode. But the ending was really interesting in that it left things open for a second season.


    Gakkou Gurashi! Episode 12 Recap:

    Yuki goes to try to help the others by broadcasting using the school PA system. She runs into some trouble along the way, and is pretty much doomed until Taroumaru attacks the zombies around her.

    The vaccine works to prevent Kurumi from succumbing to the disease, and goes a far way for Taroumaru in terms of returning him to his senses. However, since he was infected for a much longer time, his body finally gave in, and he passes away on Miki's lap.

    The girls decide that due to dwindling supplies, and damaged facilities, they should move on soon. Before doing so, they hold their own graduation ceremony.

    The group finally packs their stuff into Megu-nee's car and set off for some possible shelters. Miki thinks she saw her friend as they left the school gates, but doesn't seem to have any regrets. At the end, there is an unknown person picking up one of the cards they had sent out on balloons before.

    What do you guys think? Is a 2nd season in the cards?

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    I was wondering if they used that vaccine on the human zombies, would they turn back to normal, but die soon after just like Taroumaru? That would be a pretty cool way to use it.

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      You know what? Maybe. then again, that'd be a waste assuming they don't have that much vaccine

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    omu raisu

    I thought that at least Kurumi would die, so seeing the dog go isn't too sad for me. lol

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    Cooper DF

    I think personally that there is a definite possibility for a 2nd season, although I haven't read the manga's to see if there is more story after EP 12. EP 12 definitely does a good job with set up for a second season, but they also if the company wanted to they could also end it at EP 12. You see what could possibly be Kei as a zombie, you see what looks like the puppy the club was talking about dig up Yuki's hat to possible get a scent to go find her. You see a mysterious girl with glasses pick up the air letters. So in conclusion School-Live! could go in any direction.

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      Yeah, I'm thinking they definitely left it wide open so that if the sales for the BDs are good, they can easily make another season. From what I can tell so far, I think the monetization of this anime is going pretty well, so there's a decent hope.

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