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    Austin Galiza

    Hey Guys!!!

    SO recently i have been trying to look for good anime soundtracks like whats on the title but being a newbie anime lover i haven't watched alot yet so uhm TIA!!!

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    I suggest you check out the soundtracks of any anime you got really involved with.
    You may not realise how much you liked the background music until you listen to it again.

    Thant said, I really like the soundtracks for One Piece, Toradora, and Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou.

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      Sam the man


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    All the hunter x hunter soundtracks, the tokyo ghoul intro, the Another intro, the Parasyte intro, the fullmetal alchemist soundtracks, the akame ga kill intro, the steins;gate intro.

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    Terror in Resonance has a really chill, emotional soundtrack. Its really like alt rock if you like that, features Sigur Ros if you like that spacious, empty Icelandic music.

    Samurai Champloo's soundtrack is amazing. Instrumental hip-hop masterpiece crafted by Nujabes, Big Jon, Force of Nature, and tsuchie. I'm a big fan of Nujabes since discovering this soundtrack. This soundtrack is 4 volumes long as well haha.

    It just realized that the two suggestions I gave are from Shinichiro Watanabe (director, producer) anime. His anime are always known for really good music, Cowboy Bebop & Kids on the Slope among them.

    I just watched Rampo Kitan which I honestly didn't really like as a show, but if you're big on sleuth/detective sounding music (think Pink Panther) it's a really nice background soundtrack for studying and working.

    Like the commenter above HxH has really fun music, and Tokyo Ghoul even though I didn't like that show either had really great opening and ending themes from both seasons.

    And Kuroko's Basketball which I absolutely loved as a show, definitely in my Top 5 of 2015 had really great opening and ending themes as well for all 3 seasons.

    Hope this helps.

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