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    Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans DVD

    So I've just caught up with the first 3 episodes of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, and I gotta say it's a lot different from some of the series I've seen before, like SEED and OO.

    There's something about seeing a kid killing someone with a point-blank gun shot that sends a chill down your spine. Meanwhile, I guess we've all been desensitised from them killing each other with huge-ass mecha robots.

    I do like the voice actors, especially for the foul-mouthed Orga!

    Any other Gundam fans out there? Do you think this will be a worthy addition to the series?

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    Man, Mika doesn't give a damn. He didn't even let the old man finish saying thank you for killing him. o.o

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    I have to say the characters are much more intriguing in so far than in past Gundams.

    ... I know I'm gonna regret saying that, but it's just how I feel right now.

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    episode 3. it shocked me dude. this gundam is different. its really a bad ass series. hoping for more character development and more episodes.

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      Right? Mika literally capped a guy in the head twice, and shot up another guy. Then they're working together all friendly-like with the accountant and... that moustache guy?

      I'm in it to see who Orga gets Mika to kill next!

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    Heero Yuy

    I liked Mika!
    Heero Yuy(Gundam W) said "I kill you." many times, but he couldn't finally kill anyone. lol
    On the other hand Mika is the soldier.

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    Not intrigued

    Take the name heero yuy off, and know that he has killed many soliders. Before he got all brainwashed. I'm not feeling this series seems like a rip off of aldnoah zeros story to an extent. Can't continue watching this.

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      I can't comment on Heero Yuy, but I don't really see how this is a rip off of Aldnoah Zero. I guess there's the whole Mars and Earth thing, but it seems different enough for me.

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