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    anime onsen

    From what I know, onsen are pretty different culturally to anything you have in North America. Something just makes me uncomfortable being naked around strangers...

    Or so I thought, until I tried my first onsen a few weeks ago! It was actually really relaxing, and (except for me being the only gaijin there), everyone just minds their own business and don't really pay attention to you.

    It was just as relaxing as it seemed in all the anime I've watched.

    If anyone else has onsen stories to share, let me know. ^^

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    I first went to one when I was up in Aomori Prefecture visiting a friend. It was a nice experience, since it wasn't too crowded, and the whole place had a pretty laid-back feel to it.

    If you're looking to try out and onsen, I would suggest going outside of the big cities like Tokyo and Osaka.

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    Joseph Palmer

    I've been to couple:

    One in Hakone, co-ed, swimsuits required that had many different themed pools on a hillside. I sampled many pools - most were hot, but a couple were chilled.

    One in Ki Katsura, Indoor / outdoor pools, as part of the hotel. No swimsuits, switching which pools were mens/womens each night.

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      Those both sound like they were pretty good times.

      I'd be interested in checking out a co-ed onsen, if I'm being honest... XD

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    It was hard for me to experience an onsen considering I have many tattoos and most of all onsen establishments don't allow any sort of body modification in fear that it will make the onsen impure. So I had to search extensively all over Tokyo for a spot. I succeeded in finding a place that really didn't care I loved them for it. So my experience began. It was a bit uncomfortable with the eyes gazing at you due to me being a foreigner and probably wondering where hair can grow from on the body. Lol

    But at that point, I didn't care because I finally found a place to relax. It was great and I met some fellow tattooed Japanese men who surprisingly were in the same situation as I was. One of them was Yakuza (at least that's what I understood) and a really chill guy. They guided me through the process and now I'm a pro at it. As a tip for anyone wanting to experience it, make sure you wash yourself thoroughly before going in the onsen. People will judge you no matter what race you, saying that you're a dirty bastard and stuff. Lol

    Also, and I couldn't find out why necessarily, even the Japanese people I talked to didn't know why, it is just tradition to have a glass of milk or milk coffee afterwards. I actually prefer a beer, makes me feel really relaxed! ^_^

    Also, bring your own towel to dry off and don't stay in the onsen for more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time or you'll be prone to passing out. For sure.

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