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    samurai champloo baseball episode

    I just saw the news of Manglobe going bankrupt... It's so sad to see, cause one of my favourite anime back in the day was Samurai Champloo.

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    Do you guys think it's over now for good? Technically, a company can still recover from bankruptcy, right? So I wonder if they just need to restructure.

    If it is the end for Manglobe, who do you think is next?

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    I personally think Manglobe is done. when it comes to animation, it's not really about re-organizing things, it's a deeper problem where they just aren't getting enough revenue.

    So I think the only good thing out of this is that other studios might learn a lesson from Manglobe's case.

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      Tiger Stripes

      You're probably right. The anime industry just isn't as profitable as most people think. A couple mistakes, and that's it. If we start seeing studios like JC Staff or A-1 Pictures going under though, then I'll be worried.

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    you know it's not that, ok well it is that but!
    1: Biggest One just gonna get it out of the way. Piracy
    Do you see how many streaming cartoon and anime websites there are?
    I'll tell you 100's, and this is the thing that's killing ALL COMPANIES not even MUDDA FLIPPIN FUNIMATION IS SAFE and thats FUNIMATION the richest anime company out there and now it is aware of the fact that THEY arn't even safe!
    2: Not interesting anime. mate how many times have I seen a anime i'm like "OMG THIS LOOKS SO COOL I'M GONNA TELL MY FRIENDS TO WATCH IT ON CRUNCHY ROLL, IT WILL BE AMAZING"(After watching 5 episodes)"Ugh this sucks, who likes this crap anyway?"
    3:It's good but It can't get noticed.
    This can happen by lack of ads,people telling friends,etc PS. Did you know 20% of ALL games on steam have not been played by anyone, Think about that

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      I hear you about there not being as many interesting anime nowadays.
      I don't quite agree with your point on piracy though. I mean, that might affect sales and revenue from overseas audiences, but I don't think it does so much to hurt the Japanese market. Part of it is that the studios just aren't getting enough money from the sponsors as they used to.

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