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    This is my top ten favourite Romance/Comedy anime to watch! Well I think some people have already watched this but yeah e3e. I'll also list how many times I've watched it X'D.

    Kamisama Hajimemashita - 6 times
    Special A - 17 times
    Brothers Conflict - 3 times
    Kimini Todoke - 2 times
    Snow White with the Red Hair - 10 times

    Well that's all the listing! I hope you found it helpful e3e. Off to watch some anime! Byeee!

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    Lol! Thank you for sharing your list, i actually think it's your Top 14 if you listed 5 and had one of them repeated 10 times! I actually really liked Akagame no Shirayukihime! It was a very lovely story of two opposite and unique individuals meeting and seeing their love explode beyond boundaries.
    Although, I'm sure we'll see much more in the second season as challenges arise which will only seal their bonds further as one of the most romantic series this year, along with Ore Monogatari!

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