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    007 Nikki Flores


    Greetings and welcome to One Line Reviews. I'll be attempting to keep up to date with this season's anime and in doing so will give my impressions of each new episode using only one (or sometimes two) sentences. Feel free to agree or disagree as I may have some unpopular opinions!

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    007 Nikki Flores


    Valkyrie Drive Mermaid
    Completely unwatchable boob jokes acting as some sort of plot.

    Tainadou Gakuen
    Tsundere seeks revenge on witches due to already beaten to death backstory and learns to not hate everyone even though her new platoon sucks and could be a real liability in real combat, but friendship and love are more important!

    Concrete Revolutio
    Magical alien girl working at a diner meets suave pink haired bureaucrat and helps him fight evil, but when she realizes her feelings for him, he leaves for greener pastures with a giant bug alien resembling a kaiju.

    Mysterious plotline ruined by harem boob jokes and antics.

    Itoshi no Muco

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