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    --- Spoilers ---

    So many of you might have seen the sneak peek of episode 1, but now we finally got a good look at the full version, with complete subs.

    Right off the bat, I can't tell what the plot is going to be like, but the premise is ridiculous enough to be great.

    One Punch Man Episode 1 Recap/Review:


    Here, we first see how awesomely powerful One Punch Man really is. He saves a small girl from being crushed at the hands of a vaccine-related villain.

    We get a look into our hero's past. Cleft-chin kid, crab man, and all.

    Here, we see OPM beat another ridiculous villain: a body-building little brother turned into a giant monster by his big brother. He defeats him in one punch, but an entire city is destroyed in doing so.

    OPM is feeling depressed about becoming too strong, when he wakes up to a sub-terranian species of monsters and it takes his full strength to stop them. This was a dream of course, and he is again deflated. At the end, we get our first look at the second main character.

    Thoughts on this first ep?

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    I think, if you like pure action, then this anime is gonna be great. Think... Busou Renkin, maybe?

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