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    Hey Honey's users! I was going through the list of anime this season, trying to find shows I should watch. I've picked up a few, but I'm on the fence about some.

    One of the ones I'm not sure if I'll like is Valkyrie Drive. I'm a big fan of erotic stuff, but I also like some actual story (I know, my standards are too high...)

    From the clips I've seen, it looks like it has a lot of, uh... boobs and stuff, so I think I might like that.

    Has anyone around here been watching it? If so, could you let me know if it's worth watching?

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    I say just give the first ep a shot and see if you like it?

    For me, the synopsis sounded really stupid, but I wasn't expecting it to be so gratuitous with the boobs and everything, so I'm probably sticking with it.

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      Yeah. I read the synopsis too, and it seemed really... farfetched. Is there enough plot to the point where I should be putting time into watching the whole episode? Or can I just watch the clips and be satisfied?

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    The show's upfront with what it is, so if you like seeing girl parts, and yuri scenes without putting too much commitment into the show, I think you'll like it.

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    If you like "Queens Blade" or torture scenes, I recommend to watch.
    We have little anime to watch OPPAI in this season, so OPPAI god tells me to watch it. I am just going to follow it.

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