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    004 Zack Ringler

    Top 10 AMV (Anime Music Videos)

    If you have come to this site, that means that you like anime and all things anime related. Anime has been around since the early 1900’s and has evolved the animation industry with every generation of animators. AMVs haven’t been out quite as long.

    The first AMV was edited in 1982 by 21-year-old Jim Kaposztas, who hooked up two VCRs to each other and edited the anime Star Blazers to the song “All you need is love” by The Beatles (information from Wiki). But it wasn’t until the internet that they really started to get popular.

    For this list of the top 10 Anime Music Videos, I will be judging them by their popularity, based on how many views that they have on YouTube and since the number of AMVs might match the number of stars in the sky, I’ll be limiting it to the last five years and I will only chose one AMV per anime.

    10. Our Dreamland – Japan

    Stuido: AnimeUnity

    The first AMV on this list almost didn’t make it. Due to one of the further up anime being out of the search perimeters I had to make a last minute decision to add another anime onto the tail end of the list. While this AMV is number 10, it is one of my favorite AMVs which depict Japan more rather than anime. Living in Japan I have seen much of the culture shown in Our Dreamland Japan.

    Watch it here

    9. Amv – Around the world

    Studio: NextLevel Studio-BR

    The next anime on the list is Around the World by NextLevel Studio-BR. This video premiered in June of 2010 and since then it has had about seven million views in its 5 year history. As the title of this AMV suggest, it is a video of all different anime, everything from Angel Beats to Eden, and a strobe remix of Fireflies by Owl City. The way that Shinzo mixed the music and the anime is really good and makes a fun video to watch.

    Watch it here

    8. Make A Move [AMV]

    Studio: Mercury Kiriye

    The next video featured on this list is Make a Move by Mercury Kiriye with music from Icon for Hire. Make A Move features clips from the anime Black Rock Shooter to the rocking beat of Make a Move. The way the anime flows with the song makes for a face pace video full of action. Originally debuted in April of 2012 and since there it has had about six million views, meaning that they have done something right with this video. My AMV doesn’t even have fifty…

    Watch it here

    7. Fairy Tail AMV [Courtesy Call]

    Studio: UzumakerAMV

    It is rare for a beginning AMV maker to make a good video, it takes practice and patience to sift through an anime series to pick out good clips that would work well with the music that has been chose. UzumakerAMV was able to produce a very good video full of action at the right time and slower scenes when needed. With his third AMV, UzumakerAMV produced an AMV that has reached about 4 million different views.

    Watch it here

    6. AMV - Nightmare

    Studio: YukikoAmV

    Sometimes really good AMV’s pop up and you can tell that the editor took longer to make than normal AMV videos. Yukiko made an above average AMV with her Nightmare AMV, featuring the anime Mizai Nikki with music from Halestorm. From watching the AMV and knowing the anime, I can picture the singer as Yuno warning Yukiteru about her hidden personality. With just over six million views, Nightmare comes in sixed in this list.

    Watch it here

    5. Kirito //AMV// Sword Art Online-The Last One Standing

    Studio: Daxerus

    This next video features the newish anime Sword Art Online. It embodies the main two characters fighting spirit and love for one another. This video captures the initial battles that Kirito and Asuna participate in and shows them growing strong and stronger with each battle. If follows Kirito into the real world and his heartache at finding the fate of Asuna and his struggle to get her back.

    Watch it here

    4. Strength In Numbers - Times Of Grace (DBZ AMV)

    Studio: Yamato Animation

    Yeah, Dragon Ball Z has shown its head in one of my lists. While I try to keep everything up to date, there are some anime that deserve the right to show up over time. This heavy metal AMV shows the DBZ team fighting some of their most powerful enemies after that have teamed up to take out the DBZ team. Though, I don’t know why Goku’s father is among those enemies, guess I’ll have to watch this new movie.

    Watch it here:

    3. [Nanatsu no Taizai AMV] It Has Begun – Starset

    Stuido: TheAnimeBlock

    The next video on the list shows us the anime Seven Deadly Sins to the music of Starset. It shows most of the beginnings of most of the members of The Seven Deadly Sins and how they became powerful. It shows us the heartache that befalls two of the main characters as one looses a love and another looses a sister. How the one who loses his sister blames the other for her death.

    Watch it here:

    2. Naruto Shippuden AMV – Hero

    Studio: Yours Truly’s

    Several other videos in this list have been the first video that has been made by the maker (studio) and it, like those, show real talent at video editing. This Naruto AMV brings to heart what it means to be a ninja, not missions but being a hero. It tells the story of Naruto’s parents and how Naruto became the container for the Nine-Tailed Fox and his parents final moments.

    Watch it here:

    1. (One Piece AMV) Centuries

    Studio: animejuniper

    In the search for One Piece, Luffy and his crew have inspired the imagination of young people around the world. Many have planned to become pirates and search for One Piece themselves. While you are watching One Piece, you don’t know how much of the show you will remember, but as the years have piled up on that crew, you can still remember how they each meet each other. Animejuniper’s choice of songs to represent One Piece brings out that feeling that you will never forget One Piece and tells a true story of the anime.

    Watch it here

    I hope that you have enjoyed the AMVs above. The one AMV that I wanted to show you was the original 1982 AMV by Jim Kaposztas, but atlas my searches have not bore fruit, if you have a copy of his video, or know where I can view it, please link below. Also, if you have any recommendations for this list, or possibly a future AMV list, don’t hesitate to reply.

    by Zack Ringler

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    Sidhartha Phukan

    I personally believe the Into the Labyrinth amv of Bakemonogatari is way better than most of the amvs here. PLease give it a watch. The link is

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