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    Top 10 One Piece Songs

    As a well-known franchise, One Piece evokes different emotions for different people. Luckily, One Piece’s soundtrack has a wide variety of music to encompass all of the show’s most emotional and exciting moments transporting listeners into the fictional world and conveying unspoken truths about the plot. Music often has a way of conveying what words cannot and the soundtrack only adds to Oda’s magnificent story.

    10. Hands Up!
    Kota Shinzato
    Opening Episodes 590-628

    Many people do not appreciate the newer opening themes from One Piece, but Hands Up! really conveys the idea that the Strawhat Crew has grown and matured by reflecting back on all of their past adventures. The animation starts with basic line drawings of all the characters and quickly develops further through ink and added details showing how each scene has been lovingly built up from scratch just as every character’s story has grown since the beginning of the series. During the first verse, the opening focuses on the events at hand which happens to be the Punk Hazard arc and Law and Luffy’s alliance) until the music comes to a piano and we are greeted with the simple silhouette of Luffy in red. Slowly, each character joins in and by the end Luffy embraces them all in a large hug showing the bond of this strong nakama. The opening continues to flashback to different scenes from their various adventures (and all original artwork from the manga) culminating in Luffy throwing his hands up in a gesture of triumph. The Strawhats have much to be proud of.

    9. RUN! RUN! RUN!
    Maki Otsuki
    Ending 31-63

    This ending is a classic and displays the forward momentum that the entire Strawhat crew are constantly striving for while paying homage to each crew member’s past and the people that helped them along the way. Images of important figures appear on screen followed by a child sized version of the crewmate related running across the screen. The song is upbeat and gets viewers ready for the next episode. The second half of the ending shows the Strawhats and how far they have developed as they gather around a table for a large meal as a family.

    8. Memories
    Maki Otsuka
    Ending 1-30

    The animation for this ending actually leaves much to be desired. Luffy staring off at a golden tinted ocean joined by his crewmates one by one tends to get a little boring, but the song makes up for the lack of visuals. Compared to the first opening which elicits feelings of adventure and fun, this ending song is a nice balance as it takes a more serious tone which reminds fans that there are very upsetting backstories behind each of these characters. As the first ending of One Piece, this song gives viewers the warm fuzzies by reminding them how far the crew has come.

    7. We Go!
    Hiroshi Kitadani
    Opening 517-541, 543-589

    We Go! is the first opening after the time skip and does an amazing job of getting fans geared up for a brand new adventure in the New World. This have changed and the crew is eager and willing to prove themselves after their two years of hard work. We Are! Is the name of the first opening of the series, so the title We Go! is quite fitting for a new beginning for the series. The opening displays the new outfits and abilities each of the crew members has worked hard for and shows a glimpse at how each crewmember spent their time away.

    6. Share the World
    Opening 395-425

    Admittedly, the song doesn’t seem to have much to do with the arc at the time of its airing. Ace has been captured and Luffy travels to Impel Down with Boa Hancock in an attempt to start a prison break. While I dislike the mismatch between the song and visuals, the song by itself is amazing. It’s upbeat and any person off the street could very well hear it and not realize they were listening to an anime song. The band is quite talented and the vocals are spot on and elicit a very 90’s boy band vibe that can get anyone pumped. Since the opening visuals seem to have little to do with the upbeat beats, this song only ranks six.

    5. Brand New World
    Opening 264-278

    After relaxing on a beach, Marines are spotted which sends the Strawhats into a scramble to escape. Brand New World has a very upbeat tempo that seems to feed off the energy emitting from the Strawhats running from all of their powerful foes who are conveniently shown in a short montage. When they think they are finally safe, even more Marine ships are seen on the horizon. The song encapsulates the idea of constantly being on the run and never being able to fully settle down.

    4. Bink’s Sake
    Episode 380

    Talk about a heart-wrenching song, Bink’s Sake is one of the key elements of Brook’s backstory and without revealing too much information deals strongly with the fate of his past crew and a young whale named Laboon. The song is apparently a well-known drinking song and the entire cast joins Brook’s rendition, but the song quickly takes a turn towards to the depressing as viewers are shown flashbacks of Brook alone on his boat. Oda had written this song even before Brook made his appearance and was insistent on having his song eventually be sung by elementary school students, but quickly realized by including the word “sake” his dreams were dashed. Oda turned to Kouhei Tanaka to write the music and the song was done well before Thriller Bark ever aired.

    3. One Day
    Opening 459-492

    One Piece is no stranger to having real plot points hidden between humor and adventure, but the series took a more serious turn upon Ace’s capture and suddenly the show aimed to display Luffy was human and not indestructible. One Day is the first non-upbeat opening giving the show a more gritty and older feel than those in the past. Ace’s life was at stake and although the Strawhats have gone so far as to declare war on the World Government, Luffy begins to discover what that really means.

    2. We Are
    Hiroshi Kitadana
    Opening 1-47

    We Are! Is the song most closely related to One Piece and almost all anime fans can immediately recognize where this song hails from since the first openings of series are always the most loved. The song sounds very ninties and has an old school anime charm about it that is hard to ignore. The opening’s animation shows Luffy running as cuts to all of his future crew mates as well as his adversaries. The song is also catchy and can easily get stuck in a fan’s head, which makes it extremely likable (or hatable). Overall, the song makes second based on nostalgia factor and the fact that it is the defining song of the series.

    1. Fight Together
    Namie Amuro
    Episodes 493-516

    While not running for very long, Fight Together is the series’ best opening. During this small flashback arc featuring Sabo, Ace, and Luffy, viewers are reminded of the hardships Luffy is currently enduring due to Ace’s death. The song is one of healing and a soothing effect to listeners. Even the lyrics say, “Don’t forget! We fight together!”, showing that Luffy is not truly alone. He still has his nakama. Slowly, everyone’s backstory flashes across the screen and Ace gives Luffy a reassuring push as encouragement. I really wish One Piece’s openings take a page from this opening’s book and continue to be sensitive to the story elements currently at hand.

    Bonus Songs

    These singles were released earlier this year. Each character was given a prefecture to sing about. I highlighted the best that were released.

    P.S. Law’s is the best. I’m not biased at all.

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    I have only seen a few episodes of One Piece but actually got excited to start watching it again after heard/seen ''Fight Together''

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