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    Hey guys! So I recently read an article on a Japanese site that said that a certain director (Seiji Mizushima, think FMA, Gundam 00, and recently Concrete Revolutio) said he thinks that we could start seeing anime available on VR devices as soon as next year.

    When he mentioned VR devices, I think it's save to say he was referring to ones like PlayStation VR, or Oculus Rift.

    He also mentioned he'd love to see VR anime where the viewer would feel something when the characters get injured. I wonder what he has in mind...

    I think 1 year from now is a bit optimistic, but what about you guys? How soon will it be until we're actually inside the anime we love?

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    I think in 1 year is a overestimate.
    Having VR anime would be nice?and kind of odd.We don't have the technology of I guess perfect VR.The funding for it won't be very high either I assume.

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      Why do you think there wouldn't be much money for it? I think there are at least a few companies out there who would be willing and able to invest in ideas like this.

      Maybe not many money-strapped anime studios, though...

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    While at Tokyo Game Show this past year, PlayStation was featuring the VR capabilities and I think it could happen sooner that expected. Playing the demo games, karaoke, and even view a concert from the the of the artists performing was badass!
    Anime would be cool, but not sure how that will work considering you have to pay attention to many things/situations in the an anime as is. At the same time, think about subtitles! For the Japanese, it should be awesome, but for overseas countries, I'm sure the anime would have to be dubbed in order to get the full experience for those who don't know the language.
    But I will remain optimistic about this, as I see it being something revolutionary in the world of daily entertainment. I will definitely get this for games, though!! You can count on that! Lol

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    I'm working on a similar project using my Oculus rift DK2, leap motion, and Emotiv EPOC+ BBrain to computer interface.

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      Really?! Not sure about how that would work, but good luck with it!

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    Austin Galiza

    Aweman!!! that would be freaking AWESOME!!! i mean come on really who doesnt want to see freaking SAO in VR!!! and Gundam Seed Destiny (my most preffered gundam series)
    ps. Destiny Gundam for the WIN!!!!!

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