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    Javier Garcia

    Anime Mishmash
    Hey guys! Thank you very much for your continued to support! You might not know me, but my name is Javier Garcia and I write some of the articles here at Honey's Anime. We're always working hard to provide quality and pertinent content for you guys. I just had a quick question for you.

    Is there anything you'd like to read about that we haven't touched on yet? I know there is an almost endless supply of anime to review and talk about. I'm more curious about article types, news stories, or other media (games, merch, etc) that you might be interested in. Every now and then we talk about anime music, is that something that you'd like to see more of? Maybe there's a small genre or niche that you feel we haven't covered properly. I wanted to reach out to you and make sure that we were covering your anime needs! Any and all suggestions are welcome!

    If you think we're doing a great job and you just want to see more articles... then don't worry we're working hard to do just that. Once again, thank you for your time and for helping our community here at Honey's Anime continue to grow!

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    Populer anime but author dont like it that anime

    like me, I Very dislike Clannad but it populer anime among otaku

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      If I understand you correctly, you'd like us to discuss popular anime in a critical fashion?

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        I dont have idea about that, or you guys can write artikel most intovert anime girls character in anime

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    i would like if you guys made articles about anime conventions and keep us up to date with the upcomig events. Thanks

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      Javier Garcia

      That's do-able! I know we sometimes cover events. But, I'll see if we can talk about upcoming conventions as well.

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        `thanks will be checking in for that

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      You'll be seeing many conventions being covered by us in the coming year. From around the globe! So stay tuned for that. ^^

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        thank u will stay tuned

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    Benjamin Zabala

    I think you guys should do more interviews with mangakas or people that work in anime or manga industry. It can be someone famous or new to the scene, creator of the anime or assistant for manga or whatnot, some exclusive insight I can't get anywhere else. It can be insight into upcoming anime or about the future of a series or stuff unexplained about series lore, it's gotta be intriguing. You could also start doing lists for every season for where each anime will be streamed so it's easier to decide what to watch each season. I think also doing manga lists and reviews would be good also. Recommending a great manga that's run longer than it's anime or doesn't have an adaptation yet, but should be read, and then manga like them. and genres for the manga too, since lotta people love to read manga as much as they watch anime, and expand on it from there 🙂 Lastly, this is a long shot, but maybe you guys could also cover dramas too. It'd be interesting to see dramas for manga or anime that just aired or is currently airing, already had an airing but is worth watching years after its release, and dramas that are original material even that aren't related to any manga or anime but have similar qualities to certain anime or manga or are just unique. And critiquing of them also and whether they're better then their anime counterpart or not, and more insight into them. Like a range from Japanese dramas to Korean dramas to Taiwanese dramas etc. I think it'd add a lot to the site that way, giving more variety to view, though the variety you guys already put out is outstanding as it is. I know it's a lot to ask of you guys, but I hope my ideas have given you inspiration and thanks for hearing me out.

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      Thanks for the suggestions, Benjamin!

      I really hear you on the interviews suggestion! I can tell you that's definitely something we're looking at doing more of, and it'll get easier to get access as we do them. Look forward to one coming soon. Who it will be is a surprise. ^^

      We're also looking into doing more posts about manga, but there's a lot more to consider than when you're working with just anime, so that might take a bit of trial and error.

      As for dramas, it's a wonderful suggestion that we'll discuss, but that might be a lot further down the line.

      And if you'd like to check out our seasonal anime lists in the sidebar, you can let us know how you'd like to see those improved too!

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        Benjamin Zabala

        Uichan the sidebars, instead of having the image with titles for articles all stacked, you can have a long side bar instead with tabs for each genre so say I go to news, I can click on the side whether I want news on mystery anime, or better yet, on whether it's anime or manga tab, that'd be interesting.

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    I think you guys are doing great that I would like to join the fun! Are you guys accepting interns? I'm not a professional writer but I would love to get in on the fun?

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