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    ishuukan friends

    Just a fun little question for you all... If you could be a main character in an anime, would you rather be a male, or a female? And please tell why you chose your answer!

    If it were me, it would depend on the genre of anime, but I think in general, I'd like to stay a male... Being part of a harem doesn't sounds as fun as having one.

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    I would like to be a girl.
    I mean if i could be in the action, fantasy, adventure, romance genre, it would be pretty cool to stay a girl because i could look cool.
    Overall i really would just like to keep my real gender in an anime, however, i would never be in an ecchi; that would be disturbing.

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      Does that mean you'd want to be a male if it was an ecchi anime? Or you just wouldn't want to be in one period? XD

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        i wouldn't want to be in an ecchi at all.

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    Zeke Changuris

    I really am torn on this one. I would love to be a guy in a harem anime, in many ways reflects my early life as a man with nothing but female friends. But, it would be nice to be a girl in anime too, the characters are always strong, smart, and cute. I'd get to wear cute clothes too. I guess the compromise is, yes, I'd want to be a girl... in a yuri anime.

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    i want to be the guy. but also i want on ecchi and harem at all

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    I would like to be a male. Since I watch a lot of action and horror anime the guys always look so cool. Instead of falling for their rugged looks and mysterious personality, I'd like to be one of them. I always imagine the cool clothes I could wear- leather jackets and combat boots and the way I could get away with my anti-social personality.

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      Lol! Yes. I'm always quite jealous of how these guys can talk so little, yet be so popular. That's unfortunately not how it works in the real world... at least not for 99% of men. The other 1% are gods.

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    Austin Galiza

    I want to be a guy because for some reason you always sit beside the window and sleep in class but still get awesome grades, all of those while having the hottest girls in school chasing you all over the place. hmph point made 😀

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