Chinese Historical Anime “Gensou Sangokushi” Begins October 2021!!

Gensou Sangokushi

Historical, Fantasy, Supernatural

Airing Date:
October 2021


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Set during the Three Kingdoms period, the end of a dynasty hastens the ascension of warlords in Ancient China. With each lord intent on conquering the world for themselves, there is no end to strife in the land.

Watching these lords is the King of Spirits. Seeking to grow in power and prolong the conflict, he bids his spirits to possess the lords, thereby driving the world to the brink of ruin.

Against this threat of spirits stands an organization known as “Tengen”, with a mission to hunt them down.

As the organization battles spirits across the land, their Sixth Division is eliminated by unknown means. The new division created to replenish it includes individuals who are each struggling with their own circumstances.

Ouki, leader and master of seals, Shunkyou the exorcist, Teiken the curator, and Shourei the demon slayer. Each bearing their own trauma, they fight spirits to survive and protect their friends.

This is the story of the newly-formed Sixth Division, their operations, and personal developments.

Characters & Voice Actors

Gensou-Sangokushi-KV-scaled Chinese Historical Anime “Gensou Sangokushi” Begins October 2021!!
Ouki: Kenshou Ono

Leader and master of seals. Orphaned during the Taiping Rebellion. Fights by writing with spirit brushes. Passionate, cares for his colleagues, treats Shourei like a sister, and the rest of the Sixth division as family.
Gensou-Sangokushi-KV-scaled Chinese Historical Anime “Gensou Sangokushi” Begins October 2021!!
Shorei: Hisako Kanemoto

Demon slayer. The only person capable of defeating spirits outright. Very young in appearance, but her true age is unknown. When she ingests miasma, she turns into a demon, which is her means of defeating spirits. Because of a tendency to go berserk during her demonic state, she wiped out the former Sixth Division. Bearing the trauma from that experience, she thus closed off her heart. As a child, she was found by Tengen wounded and on the brink of death, and they fed her miasma to recover.
Gensou-Sangokushi-KV-scaled Chinese Historical Anime “Gensou Sangokushi” Begins October 2021!!
Shunkyou: Mai Nakahara

Exorcist. Purifies the miasma of spirits using an erhu. Can also buff and cast barriers for her colleagues. Dotes on her younger brother, and enlisted in Tengen to procure a costly medicine for his incurable illness.
Gensou-Sangokushi-KV-scaled Chinese Historical Anime “Gensou Sangokushi” Begins October 2021!!
Teiken: Makoto Furukawa

Undisciplined and self-indulgent. When Shourei went berserk and attacked the former Sixth Division, he alone escaped and survived. He’s so terrified of Shourei that he seeks to flee from the fight whenever possible. But he also bears a strategist’s mind, and can be reliable, albeit reluctant. Claims to be good at cooking, but in truth cannot make anything edible.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "ENISHI" by Machico
  • Ending Song: "Uso" by LACCO TOWER
"Gensou Sangokushi" (Game)

Main Staff
  • Director: Shunsuke Machiya
  • Assistant Director: Shinpei Nagai
  • Series Composition: Masashi Suzuki
  • Character Design: CSPG, Tetsutaro Aburai
  • Sound Director: Yuji Tange
  • Music: Tsutomu Tagashira

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