Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Now Available

KHC Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Now Available

What You Need to Know:

  • If you're a Kingdom Hearts aficionado and own a mobile phone, then Square Enix has a nice gift for you! Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross], the relaunch of the hit title Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, is now available on iOS and Android devices for free!
  • In celebration of the game’s successful first year, Square Enix has delivered a major update that adds in a multiplayer mode along with other various enhancements for the true Kingdom Heart experience.
  • Existing players only need to update the game to access the new content. For more details, please check out the official homepage!

Source: Official Square Enix Press Release

The update brings mobile players together in the Union Cross multiplayer mode, where teams of six can embark on quests and new missions and take down hordes of Heartless enemies and massive bosses. Players can communicate using emotes and text bubbles and coordinate multiplayer sessions. The new Theater Mode option also allows players to view cutscenes from the game.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] – Launch Trailer

KHC Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Now Available
Oh my goodness!! Another Kingdom Hearts game to satisfy my Sora cravings! Time to download asap!
KHC Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Now Available
Kingdom Hearts on the go, now that's something I'm willing to try out!

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