Isekai Light Novel "Leadale no Daichi nite" (World of Leadale) Anime Adaptation Announced

Leadale no Daichi nite

Adventure, Fantasy, Isekai

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A terrible accident put Keina Kagami on life support, and ever since that day the only way she's able to feel free is when playing the VR game “Leadale.” However, Keina ends up passing away when her life support is cut off, and the next thing she knows... she wakes up 200 years later, in the world of “Leadale.”

In the game, Keina starts living her life as the high elf Cayna, with her skills maxed and memories from 200 years ago.
Cayna walks through the world of Leadale as an adventurer, and she eventually ends up communicating with the characters she knew to be NPCs while on the search for friends. She does end up meeting sub-characters she remembers having worked on herself, and she's shocked by how much they’ve grown.

In the past when she was just a regular player of “Leadale”, Keina used the nickname “Silver Ring Witch” and was one of the top players of the game. Now, having been reincarnated in the game 200 years later, her actual skills are way too high - to the point she needs to be very careful with her actions. Though she’s not one to care for small details, and just nonchalantly enjoys her days in the world of Leadale.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Keina Kagami

Voice Actor:

Reincarnated into her favorite VR game 200 years after dying, she lives as Cayna, a high elf with such high-level powers that she must exercise caution in this new world called Leadale.


Voice Actor:

Cartaz is a dwarf and the youngest of Cayna’s three adopted children. He’s famous for being a skilled craftsman, his specialty being building forts, castles, dungeons, and so on. He’s stubborn and can be quite strict in his teachings, but compared to his older siblings, Skargo and Maimai, he’s quite normal.


Voice Actor:

Skargo is the oldest of the three children. He’s a religious elf with magical powers of healing. Within the world he's the third most beautiful person after the king and the prime minister. One of his unique specialities is making “roses scatter beautifully”, which adds glamour to the current scene by making roses flutter in the background to beautiful sound effects. He strongly believes that Cayna is the best in the world.


Voice Actor:

Maimai is Skargo’s younger elf sister. Her specialty is offensive magic, and she used to work at the magic union. In the current world she's moved on from being a magician within the imperial court, to being the principal of the royal academy. She doesn’t agree with Skargo’s obsession with beauty and extreme views on mothers, which often makes them fight, but she does love their mother and likes to be doted on by her.


Voice Actor:

Eline is of the human dog hybrid race “Cobolt” and works as a merchant. She looks like a cute Welsh corgi, but is quite capable and the leader of a caravan of merchants. She befriends Cayna when out on business. Considering how Cayna can’t handle money very well, Eline teaches her and in turn relies on Cayna for her extreme adventurer skills.


Voice Actor:

Cayna meets Lytt in an inn in the north, not far away from where she first wakes up in the world of Leadale. Lytt is very small, but works hard. She has taken a liking to Cayna and refers to her as 'big sister'.


Voice Actor:

Marelle is the owner of the inn where Lytt lives. She worries for Cayna’s safety, as she looks rather helpless, and thus cares for her a lot. Marelle ends up being something of a mother to Cayna in Leadale.

Other TitleWorld of Leadale
"Leadale no Daichi nite (World of Leadale)" (Light novel)
Leadale-no-Daichi-nite-KV Isekai Light Novel "Leadale no Daichi nite" (World of Leadale) Anime Adaptation Announced

Main Staff
  • Director: Hiroyuki Yanase
  • Series Composition: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
  • Character Design: Toshihide Masutate / Eri Kojima / Kaho Deguchi
  • Original Illustrator: Tenmaso

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