Macross Δ(Delta) Announces Movie Adaptation!

What You Need to Know:

  • Today at the Fuji Rock festival, Bee-kun's singing space waifus Macross Delta put on a fantastic show! There, they announced that as part of the Macross 35th Anniversary Project, Macross Delta has now been officially tapped to get a movie adaptation!
  • This comes right after the announcement a few months ago that rather than waiting a few years to release a new series, a new series would debut in 2018.
  • Macross Delta was an anime that aired in Spring and Summer 2016 and was produced by Satelight. The group within the anime, Walkure, was also esablished in real life in Japan using the five main seiyuu who then went on to release 3 albums and hold a few live shows across Japan that were at max capaticty.
  • The story is as follows: Macross Delta is set eight years into the future after Macross F. In the remote reaches of the Milky Way, We failed to contain the destruction that was caused by the Var syndrome. It has now spread throughout the universe. The Hoshima Fukuai Coorporation has taken a great look at the situation that has been created and decided on a path to fight this disease. They have created a musical fighting unit comprised of five girls named Walküre. The girls will be fighting against the group known as the Aerial Knight Valkyries.
    The Walküre unit begins to work against the mysterious Aerial Knight Valkyries from the Kingdom of Wind. Intertwined now with the strange “Proto-culture legacy,” the story of love and passion that is going to transcend the star system is about to begin.

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bee-love Macross Δ(Delta) Announces Movie Adaptation!
bee-love Macross Δ(Delta) Announces Movie Adaptation!
Oh wow! The fans have to be super excited for this! It was such a good show!

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