Ohenro。Anime Announces 2nd Season!

What You Need to Know:

  • At the same machi asobi vol. 19 event where the new Prisma Illya anime project was also announced, ufotable also announced that their anime pilgrimage anime Ohenro。 has been confirmed to be getting a 2nd Season!
  • Ohenro is a concept where previous buddhist monks would take a sabbatical down to Shikoku in Japan. There, they would visit 88 shrines. The manga Ohenro was launched in 2014 and concluded this year. It tells the story of girls who took a journey to visit said shrines to celebrate the 1200th anniversary of this ritual.
  • The original anime aired May 2014 to March 2015 and had 44 episodes. Stay with us as we bring you more information when it comes out!

Source: Official ufotable Twitter

mo-surprised1 Ohenro。Anime Announces 2nd Season!
Ohenro? I have never heard of this?
mo-surprised1 Ohenro。Anime Announces 2nd Season!
It was a fringe anime. A fringe anime that only those of us who are true otaku know of.

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