Popular Phone App Pastel Memories Announces Anime Adaptation As Well!

What You Need to Know:

  • Recently, the popular phone game, Pastel Memories, announced that an anime is in production for the series. More information is slated to be released at Anime Japan 2018 next month at the Special Stage.
  • However, they have confirmed that the seiyuu for Izumi Asagi and Chitose Morinaga (Hiyori Niita and Usagi Nejire respectively) will be participating on Saturday, March 24th.
  • The story of Pastel Memories is set in the slight future where what was known as the holy land of otaku, Akihabara, is in delcine. The player becomes a store owner of the very few otaku stores left and employs girls who have knowledge about what it is to be an otaku. In order to reclaim the memories that have been stolen from the heats of people, they start to fight against mysterious enemies.

honeys anime character
Yesssss. I wanna play this!

honeys anime character
It's out for iOS and Android! If you can read the Japanese, give it a shot!