Shika no Ou (King of Dear) Movie

shika-no-ou Shika no Ou (King of Dear) Movie

shika-no-ou Shika no Ou (King of Dear) Movie

Shika no Ou

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Airing Date:
September 18, 2020

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Van is a leader of the resistance group "Dokukaku" in a small kingdom called Akafa. Van has been a slave at the Akafa rock salt mine since he was captured when his hometown was annexed by the Tsuoru empire. He lives thinking about eventual death every day when wild dogs attacked the Akafa rock salt mine. Van was bitten by one of the dogs but he survived, and an unknown power appeared in his body.
All slaves and administrators bitten by the dogs in the mine died, not leaving one. Van, who survived alone, finds a slave's daughter and named her Yuna, and left the mine.
Around the time, a doctor called Hossal was investigating a mysterious disease called "Black Dogs Diseases (Mitthal)", infected when bitten by a dog that kills people. When he visited the Akafa mine and found out that Van survived from the diseases, he started to follow after him to take a pathogen in Van's body.
A tough but happy life of Van and Yuna, who survived the war and lived lonesome life.
Hossal who fights against diseases that led to the end of the ancestors.
How will the faith of these two lead each other?

A fantasy of war and medicine told by Nahoko Uehashi, well known for "The Beast Player" and "The Guardian Series".

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor:

The leader of the resistance group "Dokukaku" of the Akafa Kingdom, and is starting a revolt against the empire of Tsuoru. He gets caught when he lost the war and became a slave at the Akafa rock salt mine. One day, he escaped when the mine was attacked by the wild dogs and earns a mysterious power at that time. As a former leader of the resistance army, he is a man with the knowledge and thinks fast, and has great tolerance. His wife and son were killed during the war. Van starts to travel with a baby, Yuna, whom he saved after escaping from the mine.


Voice Actor:

A baby who was found by Van at a kitchen in the slave village nearby the Akafa mine. Although she probably was bitten by the dogs, she survived just like Van. She also has the mysterious power that Van has.


Voice Actor:

A genius doctor of the Tsuoru. He is studying the art of medicine, and he is also also the descendant of Otawaru, a family who was collapsed by the disease called black dog diseases. Together with his lover Miral, he is analyzing the black dog diseases that led to the destruction of the hometown. He follows after Van, who survived the black dog diseases, to make a vaccine.


Voice Actor:

A lover of Hossal and assistant of his research. The only person who can stop Hossal from walking his own path.


Voice Actor:

A person who was picked by Hossal when he was about to face a fight at an arenafor his life and becomes the guard of Hossal.


Voice Actor:

A woman with expert skills in tracing after. She was requested by Hossal to trace after Van (and Yuna), shows her exceptional talent. For various reasons, she later acts together with Van.


Voice Actor:

A lord of Akafa of the empire of Tsuoru. He was saved by the Hossal's medical treatment, and the only lord who shows trust towards Hossal as other traditional lords treat the medical practice of the Otawaru as a filthy skill.


Voice Actor:

A son of Ouhan. He is married to Surumina, who is a nephew of the King of Akafa.

Other TitleKing of Dear, The Deer King
”Shika no Ou”(Book)

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Nahoko Uehashi
  • Director: Masashi Ando, Masayuki Miyaji
  • Script: Taku Kishimoto

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shika-no-ou Shika no Ou (King of Dear) Movie
shika-no-ou Shika no Ou (King of Dear) Movie
shika-no-ou Shika no Ou (King of Dear) Movie
shika-no-ou Shika no Ou (King of Dear) Movie

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