So Many Girls! So Little Time! Top 5 Anime Swimsuit Scenes for Men [Updated Recommendations]

It’s still summer in Japan, and what better way to enjoy the searing hot weather than to talk about girls in swimsuits! Men like us admire women more in their bikini because it lets us appreciate the fine curves of a girl with little getting in the way. Also, the type of swimwear a girl wears is often a reflection of that girl’s personality—the color of the fabric tells the girl’s attitude towards the people around her, for example. But enough talking, let’s jump right into the updated Top 5 Swimsuit Scenes for Men by Honey’s Anime!

5. Vividred Operation — Episode 6

Akane, Aoi, Wakaba, Himawari, and the rest of the class go to the beach and help clean the area. But of course, everyone is allowed to wear swimsuits! However, the real reason for this field trip is that Professor Isshiki wants to draw out the potential of the girls using teamwork and devises a plan by luring the girls to an island and beating every obstacle by working together.

While the anime does provide ample fanservice to the very dedicated bloomers fans, Vividred Operation didn’t forget the average fan wanting to appreciate the girls’ outstanding physique with little getting in the way, and episode 6 delivers with Akane, Aoi, Wakaba, Himawari, and Rei wearing swimsuits that match their personalities—Akane wears the traditional school swimsuit, Aoi wears a blue two-piece with some very modest frills, Wakaba wears a sporty green two-piece that is more designed for functionality, and Himawari’s yellow two-piece with extra frills intensifies her sex appeal. What about the mysterious Rei? She’s a natural seductress and her all-black bikini is nothing short of delicious with a more v-shaped bottom, showing off her well-sculpted butt cheeks.

4. Highschool of the Dead OVA — Drifters of the Dead

Takashi and the gang head towards an island in hopes of escaping from the undead once and for all. Upon arriving on the deserted island, a new problem arises: they have no food. Takashi and Kouta go off to find food or otherwise they can’t eat and appreciate the lovely ladies who spent the time wearing their lovely swimsuits.

A beach episode isn’t needed in Highschool of the Dead because, aside from the show being filled with fanservice, there is the bath scene in episode 6—if there’s no beach episode, there’s always the onsen or bath episodes. Unlike episode 6, Drifters of the Dead is a full-blown fanservice OVA and the anime wastes no time giving us eager gentlemen what we want—Rei, Saya, Saeko, Shizuka, and even Alice in their swimwear. What’s curious, though, is that Rei is rather conservative with her choice of swimwear by wearing hot pants. Normally she’d wear something more daring to win over Takashi. Is Rei hiding something?

3. IS: Infinite Stratos (Infinite Stratos) — Episode 9

Ichika and Charlotte are heading to town to buy some swimwear for their upcoming beach class. Cecilia, Lingyin and Laura follow the two around because they don’t like the idea that their love rival is taking the lead in winning Ichika’s affection.

Episode 9 is exclusively a beach episode featuring almost every girl in the searing heat wearing bikinis. Not every girl gets the same treatment, but at the very least the main girls get the best scenes like Cecilia asking Ichika to apply suntan lotion on her body, Linying spending her time alone with Ichika, Charlotte holding hands with Ichika and show off her swimwear, and Laura flushing red because of her revealing bikini and Ichika calling her cute. And let’s not forget the ladies of Infinite Stratos—Chifuyu and Maya, with bodies that will seduce both male and female. Say what you will about the story of Infinite Stratos, the beach episode is one of the best the anime has to offer.

2. Choujigen

Neptune, Noire, Vert, Blanc, Plutie and Nepgear travel to R-18 Island to have some fu—er, rather, to check up on suspicious activity that may be a danger to Gamindustri. R-18 Island is a beach resort for adults only, but the girls can enter no problem in their goddesses forms. Not sure about Plutie and Blanc can enter, though… They don’t have the… assets...

As Neptune exclaimed, episode 8 is dedicated to the Neptunia fanboys and it delivers. We are treated to not one, not two, but 3 sets of swimsuits from the main goddesses and Nepgear. First the girls are in their goddess form wearing very sexy swimsuits in order to pass the island’s age check. Once inside the island proper, the girls revert back to their normal forms, wearing another set of swimsuits that matches their personality. And lastly, on the nudist beach, they briefly wear light grass to cover their nether regions. The cherry on top is, there is some Nepgear teasing courtesy of Vert. And lastly, the little sisters also get to wear in their swimsuits during their stay in Planeptune, so Uni, Rom, and Ram fans need not worry.

1. Hajimete no Gal (My First Girlfriend is a Gal)

It’s summer and the obvious destination is the beach! Junichi, his 3 perverted friends, Yukana, Ranko, Nene, and Yui are enjoying their time on the hot sand and the wonderful view of the girls wearing their bikini and just forget about school and have fun.

Episode 8 is a fanservice double-whammy with a beach scene in the first half and a hot springs scene in the second half. For the beach part of the episode, we finally get to see the girls, especially Yukana, in her pink bikini that matches her gal (gyaru) lifestyle—lipstick, bracelets, and some, er, “accessories” in between her bikini and nether regions. Yukana is certainly going for style over practicality. Ranko, Nene, and Yui fans will also rejoice for they also wear bikinis that match their personality,… especially Nene: she is clearly a titty monster wearing a bikini that is probably too small for her.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! This article is technically a new list rather than an update to the previous article we’ve written because the entries from the 2017 list are as relevant as today. If you haven’t already, go check it out and you might find something else to watch this summer.

So what do you think? Are there any lovely swimsuit episodes you would like to share with us and everyone? Please hit that comment section below! And who knows, we might do another one!

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