Top 10 Cutest Characters in Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight

There are many ways to enter the world of show business, but one of them that is particularly hard is to become part of a troupe. You don’t just need to have a lot of sheer talent but also be able to work in a team and be able to act as both the showstopper and the chorus girl if needed.

This is one of the obstacles that Karen Aijo and Hikari Kagura must face to follow their dreams of becoming part of Starlight, one such song and dance revue troupe. They have to be the best singers, dancers, and of course, the cutest. But with a whole other group of girls who want the exact same thing, they have a hard competition ahead.

Which is why today we’re counting down the ten cutest characters in Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight, to see who deserves to be the Top Star at the stage.

10. Claudine Saijou

Born to a Japanese father and a French mother, Claudine started her career when she was a very young child. This made her think at first that she was a shoo-in for the Starlight stage, but as soon as she entered Seisho Music Academy, she realized that not only was she not the best, but she needed to work to keep her place as one of the top performers. She has a huge rivalry going with Maya, who is number one because she needs to prove that she's better.

Claudine is very beautiful, with serious brown eyes, and long dirty blond hair. She makes a gorgeous dancer and can be imposing with her long sword, but unfortunately for her cuteness factor, she looks more dangerous than the others. This is not to say she's not beautiful or that she wouldn't be in the top spot in a list about who is the most gorgeous of the troupe hopefuls, but it undercuts her cuteness so she falls to the tenth spot on the list.

9. Kaoruko Hanayagi

Kaoruko comes from a long line of Japanese traditional dancers and is the granddaughter of one of the masters of the art. She’s accustomed to being treated like royalty so she tends to insist that Futaba acts like her maid and serves her with loyalty. This brings her some troubles at school because she's talented but lazy and that makes her think she doesn't need to give all her effort during practice so she's not ranked as high as she should.

Despite this, one can't deny she's quite cute. She has long blue hair, and around the audience and teachers, she acts like a proper lady, demure and polite. It's only around her classmates that she lets her true colors show. She has golden eyes and is very talented with a naginata, her weapon of choice. Most of the time, she can pass as a perfect woman. However, her attitude and arrogance make her fall to the ninth place on our list.

8. Maya Tendo

One could say that Maya Tendo was born for the stage. This is a bit literal as she is the daughter of a famous actor and an opera prima donna. However, unlike Kaoruko, Maya doesn't rely on her natural talent to succeed and trains and practices as hard as all her other classmates and she dislikes Kaoruko for her laziness. Unfortunately, her drive to be the best makes it really hard to have time to make friends, and she is convinced that being the Top Star means that no one will want to be her friend so she is quite lonely.

A lot of people compare Maya to a swan because her presence is that majestic. She has long brown hair that she keeps in a ponytail with a blue ribbon, and holds her bangs with x-shaped hairpins, which makes her look even more beautiful. The only thing that makes her not be as cute as she could be, is her aura of perfection, and how majestic she can be even when doing something as silly as describing food. Because of this, she only reaches the eighth place on our list.

7. Mahiru Tsuyuzaki

Offstage, Mahiru seems shy and calm. One would never imagine that she is one of the most vigorous dancers and singers in the school. She's very devoted to Karen, to the point that everyone in school knows that she admires her—it may be a bit more than just admiration—and has some rivalry against Hikari just because Karen and Hikari are childhood friends. Not only that, but she’s convinced that she’s not worthy of being at the school unless she’s Karen’s sidekick, which explains why she’s so shy when not performing.

Mahiru has long purple hair, and big blue eyes. She usually dresses in light green, which makes her look even more like a violet, which is quite appropriate given her attitude in school. And she is one of the nicer girls in school, at least when not trying to keep Hikari away from Karen; she is really cute and earns the seventh place on our list.

6. Futaba Isurugi

Futaba Isurugi didn’t really have any drive to become part of the Starlight troupe, but since her friend Kaoruko enrolled, she decided to follow to stay close to her. She’s very loyal to Kaoruko, following her orders when needed and while she complains about it, in the end, it's obvious that she thinks Kaoruko’s wellbeing is the most important thing to protect. It doesn't mean she doesn’t give her best in her classes, though; and in fact, she’s the one who makes sure Kaoruko arrives in time to hers.

As she’s one of the few girls who wears her hair short, it’s easy to peg her as a tomboy, but she has a very sweet side. Her hair is bright pink, which makes her look even cuter, even when she’s losing her patience with Kaoruko. She uses an axe, which is not a very feminine weapon, and is why she loses some points and lands on the sixth place of our list.

5. Junna Hoshimi

Junna is one of the honor students at the Academy and the class representative for the99th class. This is because unlike the others, she has to put in more effort to prove to herself that she deserves to be a student and a member of the troupe because she decided to become an actress over her parents’ complaints that it would be wasting her intelligence. This means she also overanalyzes the situations she faces and at the beginning was a loner, as she thought she couldn’t relate to her classmates.

Junna has long flowing purple hair that she keeps in a ponytail and is one of the few students that wear glasses, which make her look very cute and hide how dangerous she can be with her bow and arrows. Her personal color is blue, which also highlights how cold and aloof she seems at first glance and is the only reason she remains in fifth place.

4. Nana Daiba

Nana is pretty much the “mom” of the 99th Class, as she cooks for everyone and is always trying to make sure they all are happy. She’s quite an amazing cook and wants the whole group to stay together; this is why she doesn’t like when girls drop out of the class due to the terrible pressure to perform. Nicknamed “Banana” by the others, she’s very skilled—almost even better than Maya—but she doesn’t really care about being the best, she only wants to be part of the happy team, a little too much at times.

She's the tallest of the group, blonde and green-eyed. She wears her hair in pigtails, and that makes her look a bit younger than her true age which, with her sunny attitude, make her stand out among her peers. It's funny how she really doesn't need to be the Top star and instead prefers to spend her time with her friends, making sure everyone is happy. As she sometimes takes that too far, she takes the fourth place in our cute ranking.

3. Kirin

A mysterious being that oversees the auditions for the Starlight Revue and seems to feed on the despair of the girls that don’t quite make the cut. He is behind many of the problems that plague the girls and seems to have many powers, including the ability to rewind reality if he wishes so and even break the fourth wall. Usually, this kind of character wouldn’t be called “cute” by any measure of the world, but Kirin has one particular advantage that puts him quite high in our list: He is a talking giraffe.

Giraffes are cute and that’s hard to dispute. They look a bit ridiculous with their long necks and spotted fur, they always look a bit confused as to what’s going on around them. While it’s obvious that Kirin is not ignorant of what’s happening at the school, he still has the same expression so it’s very hard to feel intimidated by him, and that is why he earns the third spot on our list.

2. Hikari Kagura

Karen’s old childhood friend, who had a lot of passion for the stage to the point that she and Karen promised they’d be one day standing together as part of Starlight. Then, her parents took her to live in England to study at a performing school and thus, they lost contact. In England, Hikari lost the auditions and with that, most of her love for the stage; but now that she’s back in Japan and reconnected with Karen, she has some of her passion back. Unfortunately for Karen, she wants to focus on not letting Karen do the auditions so that Hikari can make certain that her friend won’t lose her passion too.

Hikaru is tall, aloof and seemingly cold when we first met her, but she used to be very friendly when she and Karen were children. She has long black hair and wears a blue uniform. While usually a cool, blue-eyed, dark-haired girl wouldn't be considered cute, the fact that she absolutely loves plush toys, specifically stuffed bears, and has one in her uniform, make her a lot cuter. She still sleeps with a teddy bear, and because of that, she climbs to the second place on our list.

1. Karen Aijo

When she was a little girl, Karen saw a performance of the Starlight troupe and fell in love. From that moment on, she declared she would one day be part of that troupe and perform in similar plays with her friend Hikari. Even after Hikari left for England, Karen never stopped chasing her dream. When Hikari returned to Japan and enrolled in the same academy as her, Karen was incredibly happy. Unfortunately, her time away changed Hikari, so now Karen is not sure where she stands with her former best friend.

Karen is the most energetic and happy of the 99th class, and that automatically makes her cute. She’s always friendly, always smiling and unlike everyone else, she doesn’t think you need to be alone to be the Top Star. In fact, she wants everyone to become a Top Star and perform together with all their hearts, as long as it’s not in the matinee since she hates mornings. She has short brown hair, and wears it in two small pigtails, with a cute crown in her stage costume and two crown hairclips. And because no one can resist her smile, she earns the first place on our list.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of sacrifices one has to make in order to become a star, even more in the harsh world of the Seisho Music Academy where failure to become the Top Star on stage can be devastating for the girls who fail the audition. So girls need every advantage to succeed, and one of those advantages is how cute they are for the audience.

And because you are also part of the audience, we need to know: Do you agree with our list? Or do you believe the order should be different? Please, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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