Top 10 Dramatic Eroge Games [Best Recommendations]

Dramatic Eroges differs from normal eroges. In the world of eroges, there are many sub class and types of eroges. For the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on nakige or utsuge and drama. Nakiges and Utsuges are both portmanteaus in the Japanese language to refer to crying and depressing games respectively. Both types can include sexual content as well but only for the purpose of expanding and highlighting the development of relationships in the game. In these types of dramatic eroges, the story is more prominent than the sexual content. So if you’re someone who wants a good story with some adult themes game, join us as we count the top 10 dramatic eroges in this list!

10. Euphoria!

  • Developer: ClockUp

Imagine waking up in a locked room and having no methods of escaping or any ways of identifying their location. That is the situation that Takato Keisuke finds himself in. Awaking in a nameless room is already bad enough, however he is mystified to be surrounded by 6 other females that he had known throughout his life. A mysterious voice soon appears but does not answer any questions. The message that is left to the party of 7 is simply “A game has now begun” Now, to leave the game, Keisuke is the key and must find the right hole to escape.

As the name suggests, Euphoria is the condition of being in intense elation. However, the irony lies in that fact that it is a very depressing game making is a very memorable eroge if you like this kind of setting. Euphoria is somewhat bordering between the lines of grotesque, sexual, and drama at the same time. Think of it as a Saw-like setting but with a harem. Often, as the story progresses, the psychological well-being of the main protagonist will start to deteriorate as the player is introduced into the darker side of the mind. Can Keisuke escape in time before it is too late?

9. Clannad: Tomoyo After

  • Developer: Key

From the hit seller Clannad comes a new spin-off! Tomoyo After greatly expands on the Tomoyo route. From the original game, Tomoyo After depicts the story of the relationship between Okazaki Tomoya and Tomoyo Sakagami. Now grown up, Tomoya is working as a garbage man as well as a repairman. Meanwhile, Tomoyo realised that she has a half-sister whom happened to move in with Tomoya in his apartment. Not long after, Tomoyo realised that she has a half-brother as well. Due to the introduction of these new characters, she eventually moves in with Tomoya as well. How will the two them adapt into the working life and develop their relationship?

As a spin off, Tomoyo After does bring justice to the original name. Imagine the original Clannad but now labelled as 18+. It’s as though as you have grown with the game. For lovers of the Tomoyo x Tomoya ship, you will be glad to know that this game has PLENTY to offer you. Storyline-wise, it has a decent story that ends off sweetly. This route continues from the Tomoyo router in the original game. Think of it as an expansion story with added bonuses!

8. Kanon

  • Developer: Key

Kanon depicts the story of the life of Aizawa Yuuichi. When he was younger, he would often visit his cousins in the city. Seven years after, Yuuichi had forgotten just about everything with vague memories of what had happened during his seven years absence. Now after his long awaited return, he will reconnect with the group of 5 girls that are seemingly connected to him in the past. As Yuuichi progresses further, he will come into contact of the supernatural undertones of the city as well and how it all relates back to the reason of his long absence.

In Kanon, you will be presented with 5 heroines (like any other VN). Each heroine will reveal a certain aspect to the mystery of Yuuichi’s long absence. The plot device in this VN is amnesia. As the story progresses, so too does the relationship that Yuuichi forms with the chosen girl. Of course, like every eroges, Kanon has it fair share of H-scenes at the climax point of the relationship. Interested in the reason of his absence? Start Kanon then!

7. School Days

  • Developer: 0verflow

Makoto Ito is a first year high school student who is living with his divorced mother. One day, whilst on a train, he happened to chance upon Kotonoha Katsura. He became instantly infatuated with her beauty and struck a conversation with her. It wasn’t long before he started talking to her. In class, their encounters got the attention of Sekai Saionji who provided opportunities for the couple to meet and talk. Soon after, even Sekai starts to fall for Makoto…

Most of you would have probably heard of the infamous School Days by now. If not, here’s a brief summary of the VN and the anime – It’s messed up! You will understand why once you played through the VN. As the anime only focus on one route of the VN, the visual novel has more gruesome ends (that’s your hint). The School Days HQ visual novel is slightly more unique than conventional VNs. Unlike text scrolling, School Days is presented in the form of numerous cut scenes where you will have to pick a choice thereafter. What kind of scenes are they, we leave it to your imagination 😉

6. Grisaia no Kaijutsu

  • Developer: Front Wing

Yuuji Kazama was recently transferred into Mihama Academy. Yearning for just an ordinary life, he soon realises that his vision was not to be. Firstly, this academy only has five students. With the inclusion of the principal, this is a school of six girls and him. Each of the students has their own special reason or circumstance for existing. As such, Yuuji will have to interact with all of them and get them to share their respective traumatic past with him.

As the title suggest, each of the girls are fruits that have felled from their trees. With nobody to pick them up or care, they have started to decay. As you explore each of the routes, you will only find that each of their problems is distinct and different from the other. As the relationship between Yuuji and each of the five heroines build up, they will each get their own ‘special’ moments as well. This VN is relatively easy to follow and has a very good balance of content, story and character development.

5. Shuffle!

  • Developer: Navel

Eight years prior to the story, Rin Tsuchimi lost his parents in a car accident. The accident also claimed the life of Kaeda Fuyou’s mother and ever since then, they have been living together. In the present time however, where the concept of Gods and Demons exists, the kings of both clans moved beside Rin. Sia and Nerine are the daughters of the families. Along the way he meets 2 other girls at high school. Now, Rin must choose one of the girls as a candidate for marriage keeping in mind the difference between the gods, the demons and the humans.

If you take away the aspect of the demons and the gods, Shuffle is just simply a dating simulation game. Art style and mood wise, the setting of the game is generally bright and positive. Shuffle has an easy storyline that you can keep up with. Of course, it is still an eroge so there will be H-scenes for each heroine where it will get a little steamy. Overall, let’s say it’s a very good rom-com with good scenes, interesting characters and ultimately a simple story line for ease.

4. Utawarerumono

  • Developer: Aquaplus

Hakuoro was found one day by a family of two girls and their grandmother near a forest. When he awoke, he was found to have amnesia and had no idea how he ever ended up in the forest. Hakuoro soon started living with the family. Unfortunately he soon found out that the village was being oppressed by the government. One thing led to another and he became emperor but his journey was far from over.

Utawarerumono is a fantasy like novel. It relies heavily on text to immerse you in the environment. Story wise, it has an interesting plot that makes you want to follow it through to the end. Along the way, should you get bored, Hakuoro will come across various female characters. Like every visual novel, it will present you with options to choose from. Depending on your libido level at that point, you can choose to either progress with the story or well, take a short detour. Overall, it has a very interesting storyline and the H-scenes are very well balanced.

3. Tsukihime

  • Developer: Type-Moon

How would you react if you could see the death of everything around you? Shiki Tohno was born with the ability to see the ‘death lines’ of everything around him due to a near fatal accident he suffered. This ability extends to inanimate objects as well. The stress of seeing death constantly is too much and he is given a pair of glasses to block them out. When he grew older however, it is inevitable that he must use his power once again to confront the threat known as the True Ancestors.

In the franchise of Type-Moon, Tsukihime precedes Fate/Stay Night – the better known work of Type-Moon. While Fate was the one that brought Type-Moon to fame, it was Tsukihime who created the stable fan base and sets the foundation for Fate. Tsukihime has an excellent storyline filled with a lot of drama and moments that really gets you involved in the story. Not forgetting the needs of the fans, the H-scenes are inserted at the appropriate moments. It makes you feel that the scenes are purposely left there to develop the story instead of a sexploitation novel.

2. Fate/Stay Night

  • Developer: Type-Moon

Shirou Emiya is just an amateur mage. This all changed when he entered a contract with one of the most powerful servant class in the Holy Grail war. Aided by Rin Tohsaka, Shirou will have to do battle with the other servants and emerge victorious if he is to protect his ideal and belief of saving everyone. Ultimately, this battle is for the Holy Grail, a mystical artefact that will grant the winner one wish of their desire. What lies at the end of the Holy Grail War?

Fate is without a doubt, the best work of Type-Moon. In the VN, there will be 3 routes to take each with their respective character development and H-scene with the 3 heroines of the story. The routes that is taken will alter the story greatly and is has to be played in sequence with each route getting better than the last. The action sequences are written so well that it provides an overall immersive experience that leaves you wanting for more. Great story, well inserted H-scenes and extremely detailed character build up!

1. Katawa Shoujo

  • Developer: Four Leaf Studios

After suffering from a heart attack, Hisao is transferred into Yamaku. Yamaku Academy is an academy for the disabled. The title Katawa Shoujo literally means ‘Crippled Girls’. In this academy, Hisao builds various relations with the inhabitants of the academy. Each of the heroines suffers from a disability and depending on the route that you choose, will be elaborated further.

Whoever said freeware compensate price for quality is wrong. Throughout the entire Nakige class of visual novels, Katawa Shoujo has outranked numerous other popular titles with ease. It is not that difficult to understand once you actually played it. The story is simply amazing, the touchy topic of disabled girls is well handled and serves as the plot device and the h-scenes that are inserted are justified and not simply for the sake of inserting a h-scene. The individual routes have been likened to that of Clannad and Angel Beats ultimately making it the best Nakige out there. All these aspects, free for download on the creator’s website.


And thus, we end our list here. In the eroge world, are you more of a nukige or nakiges player, do you play eroges simply for the sake of its sexual content or for its developing story? Which of these eroges have you played already? Do you agree with the list or do you have another eroge in mind that should’ve made the list? Leave a comment below and we will see you next time.

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