Top 10 Lemon Manga [Best Recommendations]

While most people love a good romance, many of us at Honey’s anime love those hot, steamy lemon scenes when reading a manga. Where does one turn to when that one scene is gone, leaving that hunger for more? Simple: lemon manga. Fortunately, Japan is well-known for its hentai and ecchi manga, giving readers a good dose or two of lemony goodness in nearly every chapter with a sprinkle of plot throughout. While some plots may be thin at best, others are well thought out and highly enjoyable. No matter your pleasure, there are plenty of lemon manga out there in stores and on the web.

This article will cover our top ten best lemon manga based on the quality of sex scenes, likable characters, audience range, and story. Also, most of these manga are relatively newer as art styles change over the years and Honey’s wants to promote more modern manga. Of course, each person has their own preferences for not only art but genres as well so we’ve chosen a variety of lemon manga, excluding yuri, BL genres, and the like. Our list includes sex toys, student-teacher relationships, and S&M themed manga. Read through and see if anything sparks your interest!

10. S to M no Kankei (An S&M Relationship)

  • Authors: Kuriyama, Natsuki
  • Genres: Mature, Smut, Shoujo, S&M, Erotic
  • Volumes: 1 (Japanese)
  • Published:

Yuma is just a girl who wants the usual kind of love and romance everyone else seems to have. Her boyfriend, Shima, on the other hand, has lots of kinks and fetishes. What’s a girl to do? If she goes along with his wishes, will she end up liking it or hating it?

Though many lemon manga readers may not be that into S&M, this one is quite tasteful. While it’s primarily a smut manga with the signature big-breasted main female character, Yuma, it does lightly touch upon how a girl feels to be trying out S&M for the first time. Compared to others on this list, it’s lacking in storyline and characters you can really relate to, but it more than makes up for it with the art and smutty scenes. First-time lemon readers will enjoy this short walk on the “wild side.”

9. Warikiri Renai Sutoraberii M e Youkoso (No Strings Attached: Welcome to Strawberry M)

  • Authors: Fujidou, Hakuru
  • Genres: Josei, Romance, Smut
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published:

Men have all sorts of kinks and fetishes. They want a woman to go along with their fantasies, regardless of what the women themselves want. Women aren’t supposed to have sexual needs, right? Enter Strawberry Mobile, a place where women can go to act on any and all fantasies. Newcomers and veterans alike flock here, whether they have boyfriends, are married, or single, it doesn’t matter. This is a sex club all women can enjoy without any strings attached.

This manga is short, only 171 pages long. It’s great for a quick read, has a good art style, and some decent plot. Also, this manga doesn’t focus on just one type of fetish or fantasy and follows the one-night stands of a few women who visit the sex club. This is a good introduction if you’re just starting to get into the world of lemon manga. The sex scenes aren’t too explicit and it’s fairly easy to like the characters. If there’s a certain type of kink that gets your motor going, use that to help fuel your search engines for more.

8. Junketsu x Shojo Vampire Café (The Pure-Blood and the Maiden -Vampire Cafe-)

  • Authors: Nakagawa, Hisazane
  • Genres: Ecchi, Romance, Josei
  • Volumes: 1 (Japanese) 5+ (English)
  • Published:

Yuna is an innocent girl who wants to have a whirlwind romance with some passionate nights. One night, she begins to have some sexy wet dreams about a particularly hot guy. Then, her friend Mayuko finally snags a reservation at the extremely popular Rouge Garden, a cafe well-known for having sexy all-male staff. Each day, one of the guys picks a girl to go back into what appears to be a V.I.P. room. When Yuna sees the man from her dreams working at the cafe, a sequence of events takes her into a whole new world with vampires.

While this is another one-volume manga, it’s chock full of hot vampire guys, lemon scenes galore, and even enemy vampires! This is no porn without plot as the story develops with each chapter, sucking you in until the final moment. The art’s nice and the sex scenes are very tasteful. Even if you don’t particularly enjoy vampire stories, this one ranks pretty high up on the vampire lemon manga list!

7. Sono Hitomi ni Koi wo Suru (Can't Take My Eyes off of You)

  • Authors: Motoshi, Mako
  • Genres: Ecchi, Romance, Love Triangle, Sibling Love
  • Volumes: 13+ (Japanese) 11+ (English)
  • Published:

Satomi’s father remarried, so now she has a step-brother Yoshikazu. However, they’ve never gotten along. Something terrible and traumatic happened in Satomi’s past, so now she never cuts her hair or shows her eyes to anyone, including her family. One day, Yoshikazu brings over his friend Maki. Maki ends up walking in on Satomi and sees not only her naked body, but her eyes as well. Yoshikazu, Maki, and Satomi fall into a tempest as relationships build, secrets are revealed, and passion runs amok among the three of them.

While this manga is still ongoing, the chapters are quite short, making this the perfect read before bed. While there are fewer sexy scenes for your eyes to feast upon, this manga more than makes up for it with the forbidden theme of sibling love intertwined with a love triangle. Let your emotions take a ride as Satomi’s tragic story unfolds and find yourself rooting for either Yoshikazu, Maki, or both to get with Satomi as she begins to open up to them both.

6. Amai Choubatsu: Watashi wa Kanshu Senyou Pet ("At This Rate, I'm Gonna Come..." -The Warden's Relentless Pat-Down-)

  • Authors: Izumi, Show
  • Genres: Adult, Drama, Josei, Smut
  • Volumes: 15+ (Japanese) 72+ (English)
  • Published:

Locked up in prison for a crime she didn’t commit, Hina Saotome is forcefully taken by the prison ward. What’s worse, he does these things to her right in front of another prisoner, Higa! The sadistic guard Aki Myojin seems to be taken with Hina and manipulates her into doing what he wants, even though he doesn’t fully understand why he’s so obsessed with her himself yet. Hina’s got to find a way to either put up with Aki or find a way to escape with Higa if her boyfriend Yakumo doesn’t find a way to get her released in time!

The first long and ongoing manga series on this list. Delicious smutty scenes with the sexy prison guard, Aki, and sweet, innocent Hina will get your imagination rolling! There’s plenty of fingering, oral sex, and forceful sexual situations in every chapter. This isn’t some sweet love story, but there’s a decent plot line amongst all of the ecchi goodness.

5. Sonyutteru…! Otto no me no maede aragaenai netori esute (I can’t Resist His Massage! Cheating in Front of My Husband’s Eyes!)

  • Authors: FFC
  • Genres: NTR, Mature, Massage, Ecchi
  • Volumes: 14 (Japanese) 41+ (English)
  • Published:

Usami’s fiance takes her to a salon for a massage treatment. However, the esthetician assigned to her is none other than her ex-boyfriend, Takano! After Usami changes into a skimpy outfit and Takano begins her massage, she finds that she’s enjoying it more than she had planned! When Takano starts fondling her and she lets out a moan, will her husband-to-be on the other side of the curtain find out what’s going on?

This NTR manga in full-color is perfect for those who like massages and watching the main character get it on while her partner is nearby. While the art isn’t as pleasing as others on the list, the manga being in color is a definite plus and the dialogue isn’t too shabby either. Plot-wise, this manga needs a bit of work. Since you’ll be in it for the long haul, it’ll hopefully keep your interest and give you something to look forward to read.

4. Naka de iku hoho, oshiete kudasai! (Please Teach Me How to Cum!)

  • Authors: Tamaki, Nao
  • Genres: TL, Romance, Smut, Josei, School
  • Volumes: 25 (Japanese) 43+ (English)
  • Published:

Natsuki and her boyfriend, Keigo, have been dating for a year. Everything was wonderful until Natsuki’s friends asked her how sex with Keigo is after just talking about how good orgasming felt. However, Natsuki has never orgasmed before. Her teacher, Mr. Kaname, comes into the classroom and tells her she has to stay after school before she can properly answer her friends. Later that day, Natsuki accidentally reveals to Mr. Kaname that she can’t cum and he decides to help her out by giving her a special “lesson.”

Ah, yes. The student falling for her teacher. While the plot is slow to start between this seemingly unlikely couple, there’s plenty of smutty goodness that happens on and off the school campus. The art style is cute and quite nice to look at, adding to the appeal of the two main characters Natsuki and Mr. Kaname. Interspersed throughout this ecchi romance manga is some comedy, a little suspense, and a whole lotta love. After all, these two have to make it to her graduation without anyone finding out that they’re together!

3. Oshietekudasai, Fujishimasan! (Over-Cumming Writer’s Block)

  • Authors: Nae, Awaji
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, Smut
  • Volumes: 12+ (Japanese) 9+ (English)
  • Published:

Rio wants to become a young adult erotic novelist, but her editor says that her sex scenes lack passion. Well, that’s because she has hardly any experience in that area! So, Rio approaches the stern-looking Fujishima, a banker who she admits is cute, and asks him to let her watch him masturbate. However, will all Rio be doing is watching him, or will she start participating as well? And will something blossom between these two awkward adults!?

This manga is an incredibly cute story about your average artsy nerd, who knows nothing of sex, and is a bit too overeager to learn about it. Of course, the man she chooses to teach her is basically a tsundere and the two get into some interesting situations! Rio is downright cute and adorably oblivious while Mr. Fujishima is sexy, aloof, and gets your gears turning with the things he does. It’s a great manga for lemon veterans and newcomers alike!

2. Mangaka to Yakuza (The Artist and the Beast)

  • Authors: Coda
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Ecchi
  • Volumes: 21+ (Japanese) 19+ (English)
  • Published:

Rui became a guarantor for a friend, but that friend owes thousands of dollars to the yakuza and Rui’s now on the hook for it! She’s only a manga artist, so how’s she going to come up with that much money? Luckily for her, the yakuza makes a deal with her. He can wait for the payments if she has sex with him. But, Rui’s a virgin! When the sexy but scary-looking yakuza tenderly pops her cherry, Rui’s thrown for a loop and wonders what else waits for her.

It’s difficult to have a top 10 list without at least one good yakuza manga! On top of that, Rui has small boobs, making her a great protagonist for those who like small titties. This seemingly smutty manga is full of comedy, romance, and feels. There’s no way you’ll get tired of this one any time soon!

1. Konya, NO to wa Iwasenai… Gaikokuin no Joshi no Kemono na Honsho (Don’t Say No… My Foreign Boss Is Not A Gentleman)

  • Authors: Meg
  • Genres: TL, Smut, Romance, Josei
  • Volumes: 17+ (Japanese) 39+ (English)
  • Published:

Moe’s an often overlooked office employee, or at least she thinks she is until her foreign boss, Chris, tells her otherwise. She finds him extremely good-looking but doesn’t think she really stands a chance. Her coworker invites her and Chris out to a mixer and when Moe receives some unwanted advances, Chris swoops in and saves her in the nick of time! This starts off their first night together and Moe slowly realizes just how much she’s fallen for the handsome Frenchman, and he for her.

Honey’s number one lemon manga is the perfect combination of smut, romance, likable characters, a good plot, and feels. The pace for each chapter is perfect and ends with either the plot thickening, a cliffhanger, or soundly wrapping up an arc. Moe and Chris are the perfect combinations of cute, sexy, and horny. It’s not your typical smutty office romance and all audiences are sure to enjoy this perfectly lovable and lemony manga.

Final Thoughts

Manga has expanded to not only paperback books, but also digital manga. This new era of manga gives more mangaka opportunities to publish their works and reach a wider range of audiences. However, that also means there are twice as many if not more manga out there. It’s incredibly difficult to read all of them, so we at Honey’s have picked out some of the best ones currently out there with a variety of storylines and characters.

As we at Honey’s are indeed not all-knowing, we may have missed or overlooked some lemon manga that deserve to be on this list. If you know of any other lemon manga that also deserve some love, please leave a comment so we at Honey’s and other readers can check it out! If any of you have read one or more of these, or just find some particularly interesting, let us know by commenting below as well!

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