What Is Ahegao? [Definition, Meaning]

Hentai has a wide variety of categories to choose from, and we're pretty sure that all you hentai watchers are familiar with most of those categories. While it may not initially appear to be that way at first, hentai can be classified into various kinks which range from soft ones like Vanilla to ones that might not be everyone's cup of tea, such as NTR, or Monster. One of the most popular hentai categories that we know of is ahegao. So, what exactly is ahegao? We're pretty sure that you've heard of this word before, but some of you out there are probably wondering what exactly it means. Keep reading to find out all about ahegao, its history and also what famous hentai feature this prevalent hentai category.

What is Ahegao?

The term ahegao comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia of "Aheahe" which is used to describe a person's panting sound from physical exertion, or from sexual arousal. Coupled together with Kao, which means face, you get Ahegao which is a face of sexual arousal and euphoria in hentai anime and manga. But wait, how does it become ahegao and not ahekao? Well, the reason behind that is an effect called rendaku, which affects the pronunciation of morphemes and that's exactly what changes the 'ka' into 'ga', and ahekao into ahegao here. Moving on from the grammatical side of things, let's focus more on the features of an ahegao hentai anime.

The ahegao face that we're used to seeing in hentai anime and manga depicts women with their eyes rolled backward, and their tongues protruding from their mouths as they're lost in sexual euphoria. The intensity of sex is depicted clearly by the panting, and the blushing of the woman's face which, let's face it, turns on quite a lot of watchers as well. Other variants of ahegao, such as ones that include women getting fucked silly while holding peace signs on both hands also exist, but the sign doesn't have much to do with ahegao itself. Nonetheless, they are prevalent in a lot of doujins and hentai anime. The peace sign variant of ahegao depicts girls with the same intense expression along with the V-sign on either side of their face. This sign usually signifies that the woman is in seventh heaven at the moment, even if the sex didn't necessarily start with consent. It is often used to signify that the girl in the hentai has been completely 'conquered.' Ahegao has become the epitome of hentai for some of the watchers out there which is why this term has become so mainstream today. In fact, ahegao can easily be found in regular anime and manga as well, because of its rising popularity.

The Nuances Of Ahegao Hentai

Ahegao content doesn't really have a definitive structure to it. As we mentioned earlier, it can range from your everyday anime to hentai anime, to doujins. As long as you have the ecstatic face in it, you can classify it as ahegao. With that being said, ahegao is mostly featured in hentai. The hentai girls featuring under this category are all about getting fucked silly to the point that they start showing off an elevated expression on their faces where they seem to lose all sense of what's happening and lose themselves in the moment as they're rammed into. This expression has gone to become so popular that today, there is hardly a hentai anime that doesn't feature it. However, there are some hentai that focuses on it more than the others. As such, they are the ones that are befitting examples of what an ahegao hentai anime should be like. A prime example of this would be Tsuma ga Kirei ni Natta Wake.

Tsuma ga Kirei ni Natta Wake

  • Episodes: 2
  • Aired: April 2019 - May 2019

This Hentai anime focused on the life of Rintarou, who lives a happy life. It is such a happy life that he actually starts believing that something is wrong and that this can't be possibly happening to him. After getting anxious about it, he starts to mistrust his wife and tracks her movements. Turns out, his self-loathing instincts were spot-on as he finds her cheating on him and pleasuring herself with a cock that isn't her husband's.

The reason this hentai is a perfect fit for the category is that it fits the billing of your average hentai ahegao. Misako, Rintarou's wife, doesn't feel the slightest bit of guilt while cheating on her husband. All she cares about is the sexual euphoria that she gets by getting pounded by another man's cock. She craves for dick, and making indecent ahegao faces in the act is what she's best at. Tsuma ga Kirei ni Natta Wake relies heavily on the use of ahegao to build the plot and the popularity of this hentai anime because that's exactly what people are looking for when watching such hentai. The lewd facial expressions depicted in this hentai anime are top-notch. Every time Misako is fucked and cummed into, her face ignites with the burning passion of sex and her tongue droops out while her eyes roll backward, which is mainly the essence of this hentai. As such, Tsuma ga Kirei ni Natta Wake has become one of the most popular ahegao hentai anime in recent years and continues to grow in popularity, all thanks to a strong usage of girls getting fucked silly. We believe that this hentai anime represents everything that an ahegao scene should be. The way Tsuma ga Kirei ni Natta focuses on the raw expressions of ahegao is what makes it very beautiful to watch.

Giving In To The Pleasure

Another very common troupe in Ahegao hentai anime is giving in to the pleasure. Ahegao hentai usually shed a lot of light on breaking the will of strong girls. They often start with the girl's outright denial of getting any enjoyment from the sex, but as the hentai continues, we see flushed faces, rolled-up eyes, hanging tongues, and lots of drool. This is mainly to signify that the girl has essentially lost her will to maintain a calm expression, and has now given into the pleasure even if she wanted to hide it. Although not all, most of them feature lots of rape fetish hentai anime and that's not for everyone to enjoy. In short, getting fucked so much that you can't help but lose your senses against your will is a very prominent feature of the ahegao hentai anime.

Rance 01: Hikari wo Motomete The Animation

  • Episodes: 4
  • Aired: December 2014 - June 2014

A great example of a hentai anime which loads of such scenes would be Rance. This hentai anime is the anime adaptation of a game with the same title. The story revolves around a young adventurer going by the name of Rance, who is tasked with finding a girl with the name of Hikari. He sets off on his journey to locate this girl with Sill, his slave. As expected of such hentai, he ends up fucking a ton of girls, who he has no regard for, and in doing so, he takes out all his stress and frustration on them.

Rance is a perfect fit for the ahegao hentai category because not only does it feature a lot of hot sex, it also features some of the most amazing animation that you'll have ever seen in hentai. Since there are lots of girls in this hentai anime who can't help but get fucked by Rance, there is also a huge amount of variation. The hentai anime features lots of kinks, and ahegao is one of the most prominent ones among them. Rance's personality isn't like your average hentai protagonist. At times, he looks like a fun character, but as soon as he spots a beautiful girl, he can't help but want to fuck her. His twisted sense of morality lets him derive pleasure from girls who resist, and he likes to break them to the point where they get addicted to his cock. Most of the time when that happens, you get your share of incredibly animated ahegao scenes. One such scene takes place when Rance comes across a girl named Pulptenks who is about to get raped and tortured by someone. Instead of saving her, Rance fucks her and uses her erotic body like his favorite toy. Even though the girl doesn't like to admit it, she starts getting turned on and loses herself to the sexual euphoria. She savors every bit of the action, and her initial resistance dissolves over time, leaving her as nothing but a slave to Rance's dick. She can't help but want him to pound her more, and as he does it, her ecstatic expression elevates. Hentai anime that use ahegao as their main kink tend to work this way every time, more or less. That's not to say that it's bad. You don't go around fixing something that's already top-notch, do you?

Final Thoughts

Ahegao is ultimately meant to appeal to fantasies that people have of watching girls getting fucked silly. As different hentai highlight different stuff, ahegao hentai anime does its job of keeping the fans hooked with the usage of these insanely erotic faces. These faces might not be realistic, but let's face it, they're very sultry and at the same time, very exciting to look at, which is exactly why we watch this type of hentai. Like almost every other hentai out there, ahegao isn't perfect. A huge chunk of it features stuff that's forced, but regardless of that, we believe with the right kind of research, everyone can enjoy a bit of ahegao hentai. The fact that it is found in almost all hentai categories makes it a win-win situation for everyone, and that's precisely we believe that it is one of the most popular hentai out there.

Do you think you guys understand 'Ahegao' better than before? Please, let us know in the comments below! Also, if there are any other hentai terms that you want us to explain, don't hesitate in letting us know.

by Shousei Katakuri