What is CFNM? [Definition; Meaning]

CFNM is an acronym that means Clothed Female, Naked Male. This acronym usually depicts a relationship where the female plays with the fetish of her mate because it implies that she remains entirely or mildly clothed while her male partner lay naked at her side. This sexual fantasy rests on the fact that uniforms are very present in the Japanese educational and professional spheres, both among salarymen and schoolchildren, especially schoolgirls. Uniforms, usually made of soft materials, suggesting that those who wear them belong to a corporation and should represent the most beautiful image of it, leave room for a whole range of unspoken fantasies that we will detail in this article.

Meet Me by the Pool.

The swimsuit is a recurring subject of fantasy in anime, mainly because it implies that the effort of swimming already stimulates the girl in question and makes her wet. Besides, the material used to make the bathing suit is straightforward to handle, even when wet. It is, therefore, more manageable for our male protagonist to have sex with her, because the lubrication is on point. Well, it's easier said than done, because the girls' locker room is not easily accessible for men. Unless the guy we're talking about is a smart-ass or...a teacher. That's what we will witness in the Queen Bee Studio anime Zutto Suki Datta.

Zutto Suki Datta (I've Always Loved You)

  • Episodes: 2
  • Aired: Apr 21, 2017, to Jun 23, 2017

Shiraha is in love with Kin, but this love is not reciprocal, because even if Shiraha is athletic and well-built, her manners are instead those of a tomboy. Nevermind, as this is not going to stop Shiraha from stealing a sweaty sports uniform from Kin and masturbating with it. But if Kin is not in love with our beautiful tomboy, the same cannot be said of Kuroki, a pretty ugly teacher who has been secretly observing Shiraha for years, and who is now very proud to have been able to capture her on film, because she can't refuse him any longer. And since they have Kin's uniform in their possession, why not take advantage of it? This anime includes some netorare, loss of virginity, and mind break, and you can empathize with the girl, thanks to the thoughtful metaphor of drowning while being raped that is displayed there.

Zutto Suki Datta PV

A Change of Venue

But the fetish of the uniform is not the prerogative of forced relationships. Some lonely men who have lost all faith in their ability to seduce may think to hook up with saucy schoolgirls. But when old gentlemen take an interest in them, all they see is the image of the perfect little goody-goody who hides her perversions under a well-ironed suit. They don't think about the range of appearances a schoolgirl can take on, from the top of the class classic suit to the cheerleader. And what could be better than having all these paid phantasms with two very willing partners?

Enkou JK Bitch Gal: Ojisan to Namapako Seikatsu

  • Episodes: 2
  • Aired: Feb 9, 2018, to Mar 9, 2018

It's been six months since our respectable salaryman arrived in Tokyo for work. Six months he hasn't seen his wife either. Then he met Ami and Nana, two schoolgirls with different styles and sexual preferences. However, they are both united in their desire to have their wicked ways with the older man. Spending most of his time fucking their fully clothed bodies in the love hotel room and a few other places, he doesn't think much about his wife and the ups and downs of city life anymore. This anime includes age difference, boob job, cheerleading cosplay, semi-public sex, and foot job. The central theme of this Edge production seems to be prostitution, but it's funny that they appear to copulate with this only guy throughout the show.

Final Thoughts

Hentai with clothed girls can be frustrating because they don't show the appealing bodies of our heroines. But we forget that clothing textures are an inherent part of sex and will continue to be a vehicle for fantasy for many of us, for years to come.

by Sol Noel