What is Netorare/NTR? [Definition, Meaning]

Today we are going to look at a genre that maybe you have never heard of - Netorare, or NTR. If this is your first time encountering this concept, never fear! You have come to the right place with this article. If you are already a fan, we hope you can learn a little bit more about Netorare/NTR! Either way, get ready for a hotly debated idea in hentai - those who love it, always defend it, and those who don't, always let their voices be heard too.

But enough beating around the bush, the title of this article is What is Netorare/NTR? so what exactly is it? As previously mentioned, it is a genre of anime (most commonly found in hentai), with a specific idea at its centre - cheating. The sex in an Netorare hentai/NTR hentai will focus more on the couple that is having an affair together, rather than the married or dating couple whose relationship is being violated. Netorare/NTR usually has a female character as the one who is cheating on her husband or boyfriend, but it can also be a male character as well sleeping with other girls. Both examples will be used for this article.

Quite often, Netorare hentai/NTR hentai end in depressed, regretful, and rage-filled characters rather than happy endings. But hopefully, this article will leave you feeling much better than these characters end up, certainly more informed, and maybe curious to try out a new genre next time you're looking for a hentai!

There are several different factors that set the stage for the affair to occur, and here are a few of the most common.

The “Happy” Couple

The happy couple concept is a normal part of hentai - as you can guess, it's a story about a couple that are in love and happy together rather than just a tryst in the night or something non-consensual. However, truly happy couples don't exist in the Netorare/NTR genre, or the cheating element wouldn't exist! Thus, we bring you the "happy" couple - a couple that for all intends and purposes seems to be fine, but the reality is that at least one member is having an affair on the side. And usually, just like in real life, there cannot be a happy ending when the truth comes out.

1. Triangle Blue

  • Episodes: 2
  • Aired: Apr. 2009 – Jan. 2010

Triangle Blue begins with what seems like a very happy, romantic relationship between Asato and Akane. The two have already been dating for years, and after a tragic accident that nearly kills Akane, they decide to take the next step and finally they are living together. Life is too short not to be happy, after all! Akane is a talented artist and Asato is a writer, and the two begin to talk about even writing a book together! Sounds like a very satisfied relationship, right? Well, it is, until the other guys come into the picture....

Triangle Blue depicts what would be a normal, healthy relationship as its base - and then it adds in the Netorare/NTR element of another man on the side for Akane. Asato spends the anime loving Akane and believing she loves him back, and that they need nothing else in the world. Little does he know about Akane's affair on the side, leading to a tragic reality in their perfect relationship. Thus, a well-established and strong love is broken by Akane's cheating, making Triangle Blue a true Netorare hentai/NTR hentai and something more than just your average love story.

The Questioning Partner

Many of us have been there - you're in a relationship, and wondering if things are really going to work. Are you truly happy? Is your partner what you want? Are they really what you want? And the more serious a relationship gets, the more these questions might come up. The same rules apply in the questioning partner concept, where at least one party has begun to question whether or not their relationship is what they really want. And in the case of an Netorare hentai/NTR hentai, that questioning leads to exploration as the partner begins to cheat with one or more other people. Of course, they don't break up with their first lover because they aren't certain yet if that is what they want, but it doesn't stop them from testing their love by having some other people on the side...

2. Ore wa Kanajo wo Sinjiteru!

  • Episodes: 1
  • Aired: May 2011

Ore wa Kanojo wo Shinjiteru! is about the relationship between Kensuke and Ayumu. They have known each other a long time but only recently have taken their relationship to the next step. However, suddenly Kensuke's job needs him to move to another location, meaning he can't live in his old flat for a while. Luckily, Ayumu is willing to take care of it for him in the meantime. However, the two are unable to see each other for a long time, and the longer they are apart the more Kensuke finds himself questioning his new relationship with Ayumu. Why does she want to be with him? What is she doing while she's alone? Is she even what he really wants? Meanwhile, there are four women at his new job that are readily available and questioning his loyalty and ability to hold out for Ayumu....

A long distance relationship is possible of course, but for many people it can also lead to a lot of questions. The distance is what leads to Kensuke's questioning in Ore wa Kanojo wo Shinjiteru! and to his eventual affair. Even though he might love Ayumu, he is not able to wait for her or believe that she will wait for him. When there are other women that are easier for him to get to and also willing to have sex with him, he is disloyal to his girlfriend and gives in to his questioning by giving in to those women. And all the while, he is still dating Ayumu! When questioning leads to cheating, a hentai becomes an Netorare/NTR, and Ore wa Kanojo wo Shinjiteru! is a great example of this.

Troubling Times

Real relationships are not all hearts and smiles, and anyone who has been in a serious relationship knows that there will always be hardships and rough times. Things will threaten to tear it apart, and sometimes, they will succeed. In an Netorare anime/NTR anime, troubling times between a couple easily set the stage for the cheating to occur. When both parties are uncertain about the future and their relationship is being tested, it's that much easier for someone else to worm their way into the relationship.

3. Kanojo ga Mimai ni Konai Wake

  • Episodes: 3
  • Aired: Nov. 2010 – Jun. 2013

Kanojo ga Mimai ni Konai Wake is the story of Seiji and Ai, a couple with their relationship currently being tested. Seiji has been in a traffic accident that has him bedridden in a hospital, and while Ai does her best to visit him when she can and maintain her loyalty to him, the more other men she runs into the harder it is to keep from playing around on the side. While Seiji is unable to be with her and their relationship is strained, Ai begins to satiate her lust elsewhere with a wide variety of men - one time even right in the same hotel room Seiji is in!

When going through a difficult situation such as Seiji's hospitalisation, it's harder to break off a relationship without feeling guilty even when one partner wants out or has found someone else. That's exactly the situation that Ai finds herself in Kanojo ga Mimai ni Konai Wake, and it drives her to cheat on Seiji rather than just breaking up with him or getting another boyfriend. By showing Ai cheating on Seiji while he is even in the same room, Kanojo ga Mimai ni Konai Wake takes the idea of a cheating partner to a whole new level to satisfy any Netorare/NTR fan. The troubled relationship has set the stage for an excellent Netorare opportunity.

Final Thoughts

Hentai lets us explore ideas and fetishes that we may not actually enjoy at all in real life, and Netorare does just that. Not all of us would actually like to cheat on our partners, but watching that forbidden act between someone else might be quite enticing. Or maybe it is something that you like in real life as well, which makes Netorare/NTR a genre well suited to your interests. Either way, Netorare hentai gives us something different from the normal to enjoy while still sticking to a theme that is from the real world, making it a special addition to the hentai spectrum.

So how does Netorare/NTR make you feel? Are you left feeling enraged? Sad? Or satisfied? Are you going to try it out for the first time now, or stay away when you see it listed? We want to hear how this unique and often forgotten genre! Leave us a comment about your feelings, your favourite Netorare/NTR, or of course about any other "What is...?" article you hope to see in the future!

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