With You, Our Love Lasts Until Death Do Us Apart - Necromance Manga

  • Mangaka : Doumoto, Yuuki (Story/Art)
  • Volumes : 2
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen
  • Published : Aug 2019 – Ongoing


In Necromance five brave heroes successfully defeat the Demon King and save the world, but at the cost of a hero’s life, Raven, Shibuki. Instead of a celebration of victory, the entire nation takes the day to perform a ceremony to mourn Shibuki’s death. Filled with regrets and longing to be with his one true love, Shibuki comes back to life with the Demon King’s curse. He can now be together with Pastel and the Grand Saint Safina who works as the party’s supporter. The only hitch is having physical contact with Safina is going more difficult than he originally believed.

Contains Spoilers

Ready to Risk Your Life?

Are you interested in a fun-filled adventure where you get to see an appreciate all kinds of outdoor scenery? If so, then this manga is suitable for you as long as you don’t mind the monsters and demons coming after you daily, which, on the other hand, is normal.

On the bright side, you can’t die because you're already dead. The downside is you have to avoid holy materials. Shibuki is undead and has the strength as a hero. He doesn’t have to worry about getting his arms sliced off, stabbed with swords throughout his body or other life-threatening wounds. However, he can still feel the pain from each attack. Oh, one more downside, it can be a hassle to attach your limbs back to your body.

Undying Romance

The interactions and developments between Shibuki and Safina are heart-warming and cute as they never had any experience in a relationship and both have different backgrounds and circumstances. The interesting part about this manga is that Safina is a Grand Saint which, for some reason, can fall in love with Shibuki instead of following the tradition of being single for life due to her role as a Saint.

With Shibuki revived or resurrected as an undead, he couldn’t lay a finger towards Safina as she was covered with holy magic due to her role as a Grand Saint. Despite this complexity Shibuki and Safina are in a relationship, they simply act as if they are in a long-distance relationship to a certain extent.

The reactions between these two love birds can be quite intense and admirable to a point you will get some laughs out of it. You might find your self relating because most of us have been through some of the situations they find in their relationship. The romance aspect can give those single readers some insights of what it looks like to have their first relationship. You can some insight into understanding Safina’s minds when it comes to jealously, a peek that can give us nightmares.

Shounen or Comedy?

The art style used for the flow of actions felt smooth and easy to follow. The battle between characters and monsters, the strategies, the magic incantation, the effects dragged us into their world immediately. The battles they go through can be serious or funny, but their sense of purpose is rational and morally good.

We know that there are some actions in the manga that could be done more logically. The excuse might be because of the high stakes involved in the life of a hero, creating all the more reason for our heroes to take risks. Every choice we make in life always comes with risks.

Final Thoughts

The idea of “Until death do us part” shouldn’t be tread lightly; it signifies the ever-lasting love between both individuals just like Romeo and Juliet. Shibuki and Safina teach us that lovers who had left this world wanted their loved ones to live on and be happy. No matter what happens, either dead or alive, they will always be in your heart.

Ne-Ku-Romance-manga-300x452 With You, Our Love Lasts Until Death Do Us Apart - Necromance Manga


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