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About Honey's Anime

Honey’s Anime first began with the idea of providing entertainment to the community of anime enthusiasts around the world. Our way of taking part in that ever-growing community is by providing anime fans with the information they need and deserve. We started out making anime episode reviews, but we have grown with our readers to become the diverse source of information that Honey's Anime is today.

We specialize in top 10 lists, covering all genres of anime; we also provide similar anime recommendations of classic series as well as the latest seasonal anime. We also provide the most relevant and latest anime news directly from Japan for our readers. Collectively, Honey’s Anime is a team composed of anime fans just like you, from all over the world!

Honey’s Anime headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan, as we feel it is our duty to bring the best in the anime world to the whole world! Join Honey-chan and the rest of the crew as we take you on an amazing journey, the likes of which no other anime fan has experienced before. If you stick with us, we will dedicate ourselves to providing you with the freshest and best content an anime site can offer. There will be no dull moments with us!

Our Characters
for Honey's Anime


Honey-chan is the official mascot for Honey’s Anime and she is the face of the page. Her colors derive from actual ‘honey’ thus being mainly yellow, gold and some shades of orange which, in fact, are the colors used for both Honey’s Anime Websites (English and Spanish). Her dress is based on a traditional Japanese kimono, displaying the kanji for Hachimitsu (honey) on the right side. She loves learning more about anime each day thanks to our readers, who also share her passion for anime. She is often hoping for senpai to notice her, but who exactly is ‘senpai’?


Bee-kun is the official mascot for Honey’s Anime along with Honey-chan. He is Honey-chan’s loyal companion and while he looks like a bee, he can transform into many things! Well… His skills aren’t too polished, so he often just grows some arms out and spends all night looking for the latest anime news. Bee-kun looks like a bee in most aspects, except for his constantly changing face, which is used to bring humor to Honey’s Anime.

for Honey's Anime


Bombón is an official mascot for Honey’s Anime. She is assigned to represent the Hispanic anime fans from our Spanish site, Honey’s Anime Español. unlike Honey-chan’s theme, her colors derive from a moth native to some part of Latin America. She is often found lurking around our posts related to pretty boys and mature rated content. Honey and Bombón are best friends and sometimes they are both featured in our banners.


Mo-chan is also one of our official mascots for Honey’s Anime. She and Bombón have opposite personalities and taste in anime, but Mo-chan is Bombón’s loyal companion and never leaves her side. Just like Bombón, she has Hispanic roots and is fluent in Spanish, although she doesn't speak much because of her shy, child-like persona. Mo-chan enjoys making wisecrack comments here and there.

A Word from the CEO

Have you ever felt nervous or anxious as if something is weighing on your heart? Sometimes, you don't sleep well. You wake up morning after morning impatient, frustrated, and unmotivated to go to school or work.

Has this happened to you? It has, hasn't it? Has anime ever helped you through this situation? I bet that recently you have been excited, laughed, or even shed tears thanks to anime. Am I right? Well, in my case, that’s what anime has done for me.

While watching anime, you have a moment where you can forget about everything and succeed in breaking out of an endless loop of stress and overthinking. It is anime that embraces you.

Anime sways human emotions; my own included.

I think that how often our emotions waver and how deeply we are moved are strongly related to how rich our lives are.

I strongly believe that Honey's Anime will provide you with a deep yearning for information on anime which will help make your life complete.

Thank you for visiting Honey's Anime. Stay tuned for our latest articles!

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