Honey’s Anime Giveaway [Updated: Nov 22, 2019]

Hello Folks and welcome to Honey’s Anime. We are grateful to have worked with many video game companies this year and we have acquired a nice amount of digital game codes for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC (Steam and other dedicated launchers), and even a couple of Xbox codes! We’ll be hosting a few giveaways throughout the rest of the year so make sure to stay tuned and come back to this page for more frequent updates. ^_^

There will be some simple rules so everything should be easy to understand.


No duplicate submissions

Must have a valid email address

Must complete submission form (Name and Email) entirely

Can enter in several ways to increase your chances

Winners are chosen via randomizer


Must be willing to share mailing information in order to receive the prize from Honey’s Anime after being chosen as the winner (If Applicable)

To enter, please visit one of the forms below or both if you want to increase your chances of winning. Just be warned, we will only allow for one prize to be claimed per person, FYI!

Today, we have been given several copies of the new RETAIL releases for 3 games: Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King (1 PS4, 1 Switch, 1 XB1), My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets Bananas (2 Switch), and BoxVR (3 PSVR)! We will be conducting a raffle that will begin on November 22, 2019, and will end on December 8, 2019. Once submissions are completed, we will randomly choose the winners and contact them via email.

Good luck and we hope you have a great day!