"Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei" (The Honor Student at Magic High School) Reveals OP & ED, Airing on July 3!!

Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei

Sci-Fi, Magic, Fantasy

Airing Date:
July 3, 2021


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Nearly a century has passed since magic became a real technology. Those who can harness and use magic are called magicians and they receive training at a special institution known as Magic High School. In the spring of 2095, a certain girl enrolls at this academy where young talents train hard every day. Her name is Miyuki Shiba—a talented beauty and perfect honor student. Miyuki dreams of having a happy school life there with her older brother Tatsuya, but the student classification system stands in the way of her happiness. Students are separated by test scores; honor students such as Miyuki are placed in Course 1 (Blooms) and students with poor scores, such as Tatsuya, in Course 2 (Weeds).

A new story unfolds for the siblings as they meet unique classmates and rivals. But sorry Tatsuya, this time Miyuki is stealing the spotlight!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Miyuki Shiba

Voice Actor: Saori Hayami

Honoka Mitsui

Voice Actor: Sora Amamiya

Shizuku Kitayama

Voice Actor: Yuiko Tatsumi

Other TitleThe Honor Student at Magic High School
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "101" by Sangatsu no Pantashia
  • Ending Song: "Double Standard" by Philosophy no Dance
"Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (The Irregular at Magic High School)" (Light novel)
Mahouka-Koukou-no-Yuutousei-KV "Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei" (The Honor Student at Magic High School) Reveals OP & ED, Airing on July 3!!

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Tsutomu Sashima / Yu Mori
  • Director: Hideki Tachibana
  • Assistant Director: Takashi Watabe
  • Script: Go ☆ Tamai
  • Series Composition: Go ☆ Tamai
  • Character Design: Ryoyu Yamamoto / Takao Sano
  • Original Illustrator: Kana Ishida
  • Music: Taku Iwasaki

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