Net-Juu no Susume Director Revealed to Be Nazi Sympathizer & Holocaust Denier

What You Need to Know:

  • In a wave of news that is shocking the anime world and has to be a PR nightmare for both Japan and Crunchyroll, the Net-juu no Susume (Recovery of a MMO Junkie) director went on a bizarre series of tweets denying the Holocaust and praising Nazis. Sad, but true.
  • The original feelings came to light after it was revealed that he was liking Pro-Nazi and Holocaust denier tweets. He later then when on a series of tweets using google translate to not only disparage the validity of Anne Frank's diary, but to talk about gas chambers, a supposed "Jewish financial conspiracy," and more. The strangest part of it all, is how brazenly unrepentant he is and the tweets are still sitting on his timeline. They are linked below, but be prepared for preposterous claims, falsehoods, and lies along with poor English (it is Google Translate after all) as well as Nazism and Holocaust Denial. If you find this material disturbing, you should click away now.
  • Speaking of, the parent company for Crunchyroll, Ellation, has posted a rebuttal tweet saying that they are not associated with his words not do they support what he says. Unfortunately, while they said that via their twitter, Crunchyroll still has Net-juu no Susume listed on their website here to be viewed. Also let it be noted as well that Ellation has only posted the rebuttal on their twitter while there was nothing on their homepage/blog.

Elation Rebuttal:

honeys anime character
Remember kids, punch all Nazis in the mouth. They have no place in this world.

honeys anime character
Bee-kun... Violence is not the answer,... but I agree that they do not belong in this world. Man how this must suck for fans of Net-juu no Susume. I used to like it, but after this revelation, it is out.
honeys anime character
I am going to be sick.... How could he do this to my favorite anime from 2017!? Well... used-to-be favorite anime.