Recruiting Honey’s Anime Contributors!

Here at Honey’s Anime, we’re always doing our best to bring you the most awesome insights on the world of anime, whether it be with recommendations, news, or reviews!

But what good is that if it’s a one-sided relationship? We’d love so much to hear from all of you – the people who take the time to enjoy our content!

That’s really what the ‘User Topics’ section is. It’s a place where you, the user, can post about anything you find interesting, and interact one-on-one with other Honey’s users.

This is about the users, and so we’re inviting anyone reading this to help us make Honey’s Anime a more passionate, welcoming place to be!

What can I do to lend a hand?

To participate, all you need to do is drop by the ‘User Topics’ section of Honey’s Anime and start threads about anything you think is worth sharing. Of course, something anime-related is ideal!
As well, commenting on your threads and those of others is another great way to get your name out there!

What happens if I post enough?

We’re constantly keeping an eye on the forums to see how we can keep on improving them, and part of that means we’ll be noticing any regularly contributing users! Our first way of recognizing your commitment to us will be by featuring your name and profile on Our Writer’s page as a contributing user.

You can look forward to more exciting things to come too, like contests/raffles, being featured in main articles, etc!

You’ve got my attention… how do I get started?

If you’d love to be a part of this community, take a few minutes to fill out the form below! A select bunch will be contacted via email with further instructions. You can submit it until November 30th!