10 Count (Ten Count)

10-count-cd-3 10 Count (Ten Count)

10-count-cd-3 10 Count (Ten Count)

10 Count

BL, Drama, Romance

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Behind his gentle smile, corporate secretary Tadaomi Shirotani hides the trauma he had as a child. Though he is a capable secretary and trusted by the CEO, he avoids getting involved with others. However, due to a certain accident, he comes to meet a counselor named Riku Kurose. Eventually Kurose starts to offer Shirotani private consultations. Somewhere in between abstinence and sensuality, a precarious change in their relationship begins to develop.

Characters & Voice Actors

Tadaomi Shirotani: Shinnosuke Tachibana

A highly talented corporate secretary trusted by the company president. He has a quiet and gentle personality, and is respectful when speaking to Kurose. Shirotani suffers from mysophobia. Everything in the world feels filthy to him. Even just passing by others is enough to make him tremble. He constantly keeps his distance from others and has given up on treating his disorder, but after meeting Kurose he desires to change himself. Despite his obsession with cleanliness, with the help of Kurose he begins to awaken his sensuality.
Riku Kurose: Tomoaki Maeno

A psychiatrist who works at a psychosomatic clinic. As he is helping someone on the road, he meets Shirotani. In their first encounter, he quickly identifies Shirotani’s mysophobia and advises him to seek professional help. Reluctantly following his advice, Shirotani visits a psychosomatic clinic. Of all the clinics he could have chosen, it just so happens to be the same clinic Kurose works at. Kurose reveals that he is a psychiatrist there and he begins his special consultations with Shirotani.
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Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Rihito Takarai

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