[10,000 Global Anime Fan Poll Results!] Best Abilities/Powers You Want

honeys anime character
The results are finally in, guys! I'm so excited to see what our readers voted for!

honeys anime character
There are so many great skills and special abilities out there in the anime world, it must have been hard to pick which one to vote for...
honeys anime character
Why do we have to pick just one any way? Why can't we combine them and become the OP characters we deserve to be?!
honeys anime character
I'd be happy with just one power... The power to make Honey's Anime readers happy with more super fun polls!
honeys anime character
That's not an anime power, Mo-chan! I'll show you what a real anime ability is... To the results!!

Top20 - Top11

19. [Tied] Gon Freecss (Hunter x Hunter)

Gon Freecss Hunter x Hunter

1.5 %

Jajanken, its just the ultimate attack.
Ja-janken... someone thinks you're just playing rock-paper-scissors, then BOOM!

19. [Tied] Hisoka Morow (Hunter x Hunter)

hunterxhunter hisoka prof

1.5 %

Bungee gum. It has the properties of both rubber and gum.
Transmutation-type. His abilities are super flexible and crafty...

18. Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

one piece luffy

2.4 %

Gum Gum Fruit is the best
Conqueror's Haki, every enemy falls to my feet.

15. [Tied] Homura Akemi (Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica)

madoka magika homura akemi00

3.6 %

I want her Hammerspace power, she can keep the rest of the magical girl powers, I just want to have Hammerspace, it would make everything easier
I want Homura's ability to freeze time, because that would be helpful in so may way. Obviously it's helpful in fighting witches, but it would be helpful in everyday life too.

15. [Tied] Light Yagami (Death Note)

Light Yagami Death Note

3.6 %

Killing people in your own way is interesting, don't you think so?
Killing people without even touching them is best. Death Note isn't really a special move but something awesome.

15. [Tied] Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden)

Uzumaki Naruto Character

3.6 %

(Only time I will type this name) Kage Bunshin no Jutsu because multiples seems fun for confusing people. WINK
Rasengan, just imagine getting hit by it.
Rasen-Shuriken and sage abilities would be bomb!

14. Kazuto Kirigaya (Sword Art Online)

Kirito Character sword art online

3.8 %

He can defeat the biss in 50 hit combo
Gets all the girls Lol
Killer swordsman and a heart of gold

13. Issei Hyoudou (High School DxD)


3.9 %

crimson red dragon destructive power
Cool. balance breaker is really awesome and more than that, dress break is really something every man is dreaming of. except all this facts, the dragon armor is really awesome.

11. [Tied] Mikoto Misaka (Toaru Majutsu no Index)

Mikoto Misaka

4.1 %

I would be able to shoot out a thunderstorms worth of lightning out of me and even concentrate that to do a railgun attack that is both awesome looking and powerful. and as a added bonus I'll be able to use machines with that power making it really useful in day to day situations.
She would kill you. Railgun is no joke and she would run a train on most people.

11. [Tied] Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

Natsu Dragneel Fairy Tail

4.1 %

The Dragon Slayer abilities. I like the idea of a power that change depending on your will. It would mean that everything you do you would have to have 100% faith it was the right course of action.
It would be super cool to be able to breath fire like Natsu. Then I could roast people for real. >:D
Dragon Slayer magic is cool and powerful. It's so useful.

Top10 - Top6

10. Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)

hunterxhunter killua prof

4.6 %


Kanmaru! super-speed and control of electricity! so cool!
Godspeed- super speed and electricity manipulation in one!
lightning god, you can move at light speed

9. Goku Son (Dragon Ball Z)

Gokuu Son Dragon Ball GT

4.7 %


To have the power to fly become a super sayian by yelling "AAAH" and have powers equal or stronger than a god of destruction. Who in their right mind woud refuse the offer like that. It would be the best thing in the world of course...besides plot armor.
If I could use teleportation It would be so cool, just imagine you wanna go somewhere, there you go. Or if you're in a bad situation, and if someone tells you gtfo you litteraly can lol
Kamehameha, everyone's childhood dream.

8. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch)

code geass Lelouch Lamperouge

4.9 %


Geass: I would order The Strongest anime Characters to protect me. Order Light Yamgami to be in charge of prevention, to discover and write the names of those you oppose me in the death note. Order Agame to be my personal assassin. Convince Rem to be my wife and Queen.
Power: Geass; Reason: I would like orders another people
Gets all the girls

7. Subaru Natsuki (Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu)

re- zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu natsuki subaru

5.6 %


The ability to start over from trial and error
What's wrong with being able to use a "RESTART" key whenever you escrow up. this way you can experience every possibility you like. you can overcome your enemy no matter how strong they are.
Aside from feeling pain when you die and restart, the ability is pretty awesome to have when you make mistakes or realize there is something better that you should've done, you can just kill yourself or test your limits. Going to side track from here, imagine if you do kill yourself in order to live the moment again and everytime you do that, Satan is being fooled!? "Oh, hey, he killed himself! Guess I'll be seeing him in a..... dammit he's alive, again. I'll get you next time, Subura-kun!!!!

6. Ban (Nanatsu no Taizai)

nanatsu no taizai Ban

5.8 %


Snatching powers of others and getting others powers, and including your's makes any one invulnerable as well the true god

Top5 - Top1

5. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Erza Scarlet Fairy Tail

6.4 %


defeat evil in fashion. so fabulous.
ReQuip Magic. It's like carrying a magic backpack that can put Dora the Explorer and Doraemon to shame. Definitely useful in battle and can be powerful enough if mastered. Bisca also had this magic as well.
The ability to requipe your battle gear is awesome!
Super strong and loyal. Her magic is not matched by many and she looks good when she fights!

fairy tail erza scarlet wallpaper

4. Itachi Uchiha (Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden)

Itachi Uchiha Naruto

6.9 %


I just want that awesome Sharingan of his....
Itachi has some of the best abilities, ever! Why wouldn't you want them?!
Give me that Ganjutsu! I will trip you out of your mind! Lol
I want the Amaterasu!!!
To have the power of Susanoo would be the shit!

uchiha sasuke Naruto Shippuden wallpaper

3. Accelerator (Toaru Majutsu no Index)




to be able to control the direction of matter and energy which can be used for more than just complete invisibility from a lot of different powers
Hes almost invincible.
You're literally unstoppable if you can control vector.
Accelerator. Being able to change the direction and magnitude of any force is just plain awesome, its basically an all-powerful power and that is straight up cool.


2. Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

Kaneki Ken tokyo ghoul

7.5 %


Super strong
I'm choosing Kaneki only because he has Rize's abilities! That bitch is ruthless!
He super-human strength and has the Kagune ability. Those for extra limbs that come out of his back...I want!
His Kagune is badass!

tokyo ghoul route a ep12 ed

1. Saitama (One Punch Man)

Saitama One Punch Man

14.1 %


Superhuman Strength. Because no can even touch you with that epic overwhelming brute strength
Basically, kills enemy with one punch. nuff said.
Who doesn't want a power that can destroy anything with one punch.
take out anyone with just one punch
Super fast and Super Strong. No one can beat you!

One Punch Man  manga wallpaper


Every Anime's Protagonist: Every Anime

Ability to win no matter what.

Alucard: Hellsing/ Hellsing Ultimate

REAL vampire powers and guns and awesome looking all at the same time. Not to mention that I would have an entire history's worth of undead armies in my blood to use at will.

Dazai Osamu: Bungou Stray Dogs

Dazai is god. No Longer Human is a brilliant ability.

Kageyama Shigeo: Mob Psycho 100

His power is something that can't be taken of the list.

Otosaka Yuu: Charlotte

Plunder. You get to steal other people's powers!

Yuuma Kuga: World Trigger

Trion and Trigger: - Diverse ways to fight - Get to understand what you are weak in and what you excel in - If you have a chance to get a black trigger it would be awesome - Also having a side effect would be cool as well

honeys anime character
ONE PUUUUUUUUUUUNCHHHHHH! I think we all saw that one coming but wow, what a gap in the votes!

honeys anime character
It would be such a useful skill, though! Just flick away anyone that annoys you...
honeys anime character
Remind me... Not to annoy you, ever. Anyway, I can't be the only one wondering why people would want to die multiple times and go through trauma like Subaru, can I?
honeys anime character
I wouldn't really want to be a ghoul, either... I'd love to have Erza's power so I could be strong and protect people though!
honeys anime character
Personally I'd want a power that's more useful for... Other things...
honeys anime character
... Anyway. Look forward to our next poll, everyone! This one's going to be Halloween themed!