[10,000 Global Anime Fan Poll Results!] Most Intelligent/Smartest Characters in Anime

honeys anime character
This was another polarizing poll, huh Honey-chan?

honeys anime character
Yeah! Everyone has their favorites!
honeys anime character
A mainstream charcter won as expected. I was kinda hoping for an underdog to win.
honeys anime character
Well, maybe this was all part of Lelouches plan!
honeys anime character
Maybe... But I'm just happy no one got 0% this time around.

Top20 - Top11

19. [Tied] Victorique de Blois (Gosick)


1.1 %

She's a linguistic, she can learn anything for a moment just by reading from books. Like how she simulates using gun from a running train without proper training.

19. [Tied] Kogorou Akechi (Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace)

Ranpo Kitan Kogorou Akechi

1.1 %

Whenever you put Akechi on a case, you can bet he'll solve it like pi. His keen awareness of his surroundings and ability to meticulously yet efficiently piece together clues makes him a mastermind in solving crime.

17. [Tied] Levi Ackermam (Attack on Titan)

Levi attack on titan

1.4 %

The dude is so smart and looks badass while doing it!

17. [Tied] Levy McGarden (Fairy Tail)

Fairy Tail Levy McGarden

1.4 %

Whenever she helps out, she always does something cool, whether it's using her reading glasses to quickly search info, intuitively peace intel together, or come up with a unique solution using her knowledge gained from reading books all the time. She makes nerds proud.

16. Johan Liebert (Monster)

monster johan liebert

1.8 %

Most people tend to ignore the anime Monster while I believe Monster is one of the best battle-mind anime out there which keeps the it's audience satisfied till the end and its characters are also amazing. Johan is definitely the smartest I've seen,he is more cunning than Lelouch,more cautious than L,and more intelligent than Light Yagami. He's surely underrated.
A psychotic killer with a mind sharp as a razor.

14. [Teid] Orihara Izaya (Durarara!!)


2.2 %

he can manipulative people so easy

14. [Tied] Sousuke Aizen (Bleach)

bleach Aizen Sousuke

2.2 %

Although, there are many characters who deserved the title of being the smartest in this series, not manu can come close to this guy. The whole storyline is all part of his grand plan and time will tell if it all comes to fruitation. Plus his throne is awesome!
"That was all part of my plan"" Aizen is one of those 'magnificent bastard'! He made his debut as nice

12. [Tied] Mavis Vermillion (Fairy Tail)

Fairy Tail Mavis Vermillion

2.5 %

named the fairy tactician and first master of fairy tail
A smart girl, no, a smart grandma because she can calculate every habit of the participators usually do. If you look at Grand Magic Games Arc until the end and the ongoing manga, the way she make strategy is very different and unexpectable..

12. [Tied] Kokonoe Arata A.K.A. Nine (Zankyou no Terror)

Zankyou no Terror Kokonoe Arata

2.5 %

He build his own Nuke. I think that's enough.

11. Urahara Kisuke (Bleach)

bleach Urahara Kisuke

2.9 %

He can pretty much see into the future and plan strategies!

Top10 - Top6

10. Narsus (The Heroic Legend of Arslan)

arslan senki Narsus

3.2 %


His keen perception of battle tactics and the flow of the battlefield make him a formidable foe not just in combat, but in intellect, outsmarting his enemies at key moments that lead Arslan to victory.

9. Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler)

Ciel Phantomhive Kuroshitsuji

4.7 %


He is very mature and doesn't let anything get in his way. Even if he has to go through consequences, he chooses the right path.

7. [Tied] Shiroe (Log Horizon)

log horizon Shiroe

5.0 %


Villain in glasses enough said
He is extremely confident and intelligent (not to mention friendly and kind towards those in need). Further, he really stands alone in terms of the power he wields. When he speaks, people listen because he is a man whose actions change the course of the world. He also makes the impossible seemingly possible and therefore makes the world a less scary place to live in. Everyone feels more at ease having their master strategist around.

7. [Tied] Conan Edogawa (Detective Conan)


5.0 %


Despite Edward's age, he/she is a computer whiz when put next to the rest of the gang in Cowboy Bepop. Her hacking skills and knack for piecing together information to reach conclusions, though not always communicated clearly being still young and not as understanding with experience as the other protagonists, manages to help the team when it counts.

6. Shiro (No Game No Life)


5.7 %


She is smart and the perfect gamer
She was the one who made her brother super smart and they both are the smartest ones in the world.
Her calculation and logical thinking skills are amazing. She's also the best Fps gamer in the world.

Top5 - Top1

5. Shikamaru Nara (Naruto)


6.1 %


He is super smart he is always like 5 steps ahead of everything when fighting or solving or planing anything
Although he seems lazy, he is a very intelligent ninjas and creates impressive strategies.
The lazy ass tactician, I agree with him fitted to be the next Hokage because of his higher level of thinking abilities the only downfall is that of him being lazy as f. But he can be idle in a corner and just command and conquer.
He's awesome when it counts; he gets in the zone, it's over for the enemy. Enough said.
Super smart (iq of over 200)

naruto shikamaru nara

4. Light Yagami (Death Note)

Light Yagami

7.5 %


He has to be the most intellectual character there ever existed in anime.
The absolutely terrifying way he controlled everyone and everything around him.
Although his intentions were to create a new world with better things expected, he used his knowledge for the wrong purposes, which resulted in his demise. He still was a very intelligent being.
Even though L always gets him, he considers that L is always a step ahead of him so he plans 2-3 steps far ahead in making his plans.
Light is sure one smart dude with an incredible personality who was well-intentioned. He only wanted peace for everyone. He managed to defeat L(another smart anime char) in his mind game,by setting an elaborate plan. In the end,he was defeated by Near(L's successor) defeated him using what L had left behind.

light yagami

3. Sora (No Game No Life)

no game no life sora



He can calculate superfast and plans out everything in advance and understands his sister very well.
Sora's ability to think ahead is just brilliant. It is unmatched. Only person to come close is Lelouch from Code Geass. His cold reading skills combined with his brain and strategies are too good.
Because he's have strong strategy. The way to solve the game easily come to his mind. He's the most character of anime that easily find enemy's weakness
He can think so far ahead of the game it's almost frightening.
Smart tactics, and unbelievably fast logic thinking skills.

Sora No Game No Life wallpaper

2. L Lawliet (Death Note)

L Lawliet

12.9 %


He can corner Light if he knows something like Deathnote exist which is defying common sense. Who would've thought that death gods exist.
He can corner Light if he knows something like Deathnote exist which is defying common sense. Who would've thought that death gods exist.
L is just brilliant. He had no way of finding out who Kira was. He only lost because of the unfair advantage that Light had.
Excellent strategist. He does the right thing at right time. Even after his death he leads to the capture of light. He is second only because he couldnt prevent his death
Excellent strategist. He does the right thing at right time. Even after his death he leads to the capture of light. He is second only because he couldnt prevent his death

death note l wallpaper

1. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass : Lelouch of the Rebellion)

code geass Lelouch Lamperouge00

18.3 %


Unlike death note, he actually gets what he wants in the end. He knows what he's doing and is a master of planning.
he thinks really fast and direct the battlefield plus he can people do whatever he wants them to do and is named the demon emperor
He's that kind of a character who are known as 'Magnificent Bastard' or the big mastermind who always plans everything and know what they are doing,they usually set up a well-thought-out plan only to be killed and defeated in the end. Lelouch,however,is the king of all this magnificent bastards for he actually achieved what he wanted even in his death! A cunning dude with an attitude!
Much like Sora and Shiro who excels in playing chess, Lelouch plans and works out every detail before making a move.
he planed a revolution and became king of the world in 2 years

Lelouch Lamperouge Code Geass wallpaper


Inaho Kaizuka: Aldnoah.Zero

He's very calm even in a tight situation, he's really good at making plans, and all his plans is never failed

Keima Katsuragi: The World God Only Knows

Well, he wins every test even though he only play games overnight. xD\nHe also solved crucial situations he's given with. :3

Kou Murakami: World Trigger

One of the best of the b-rankers, and can learn an opponents attack style after seeing it once.

Meruem: Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Probably the smartest person in the entire Hunter X Hunter universe.

Nagamasa Midori: Aoharu x Kikanjuu

Leader of Hoshishiro team. Has wide knowledge on survival games. Beneath his doctor job exterior, lies a manipulative sadist on the battlefield who can put several strategies into action, always resulting in victory for his team. He is also very perceptive of others, which usually ends up being part of his grand master plan or to get something he wants.

Yukino Yukinoshita: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

A smart girl, even she's a cold person, she has a high personality, easy for this girl to guess the other's person personality, the way she think is really different with the other girl in common.

Holo: Spice and Wolf

Smart, witty and nice.

Takehito Morokuzu (Gakuto): Prison School

Nerima's number 1 smartest general!

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