[10,000 Global Anime Fan Poll Results!] Most Useless Anime Characters

honeys anime character
The results are finally in, and oh mannn are all of these characters useless!

honeys anime character
Of course! Our readers nominated them, after all! But the results are kind of surprising, don't you think?
honeys anime character
Well the ones I thought would be at the top apparently don't annoy readers as much as they annoy me... For example, my son.
honeys anime character
Leave Shinji-kun alone, he's only small! Orihime and Misa though... How did they get away with it?! They're so annoying!
honeys anime character
You clearly don't understand what assests are most important in a waifu... Now, let's get on with the results, shall we?

Top20 - Top11

20. Mihoshi Kuramitsu (Tenchi Muyo!)

mihoshi kuramitsu

.1 %

She is so Useless that when she helps out with anything, she only makes matters worse!
I really wonder how she even became a space police officer. Totally useless.

19. Hyatt (Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel♥Saga)


0.5 %

Same reason Kenny is useless on South Park - frail, slow, and intimately married to death, episode after episode
The fact she is so high ranked amazes me. She doesn't do anything to deserve her ranking and position. Excell does way more htan her and better, yet, she get's all the praise.

16. [Tied] Jouji "Jo" Nezu (Prison School)

Jouji "Jo" Nezu

1.1 %

The giuy is cool and all, but is pretty much useless in the series. The only thing he's not useless to, are his ants. HIS ANTS!!!

16. [Tied] The Matsuno Sextuplets (Osomatsu-san)

osomatsu san dvd

1.1 %

Jyushimatsu Osomatsu-kun-because....he's Jyushimatsu 0-0 enough said; Ichimatsu Osomatsu-kun-Beause he...*speechless* *claps like a seal*; Osomatsu Osomatsu-kun-Damn im so tempted to write all of their names here; Matsuno Sextuplets Osomatsu-kun :DDDDDD *cries*; Iyami Osomatsu-kun Because he is literally useless 😀 and its amazing.
The sextuplets are pretty much useless in so many ways. There funny and I like the show, but if I were part of the their world, I'd kill myself.

16. [Tied] Laala Manaka (PriPara)

Laala Manaka

1.1 %

How is she the main protagonist, I just can't.

15. Raratina "Darkness" Dustiness Ford (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!)

Raratina %22Darkness%22 Dustiness Ford

1.7 %

Very useless but very entertaining to watch.
The girl has spirit, but can't do Sh@#!

14. Tooru Honda (Fruits Basket)

Tooru Honda

2.1 %

Girl doesn't do anything.

13. Lisa "Risa" Mishima (Zankyou no Terror)

Lisa %22Risa%22 Mishima

2.8 %

WHY YOU ARE THERE? You should be hated by 2. 1 is who sympathized with 9 and 12. 1 is who hope to live in this rotten peace. You had to stop terrorist boys to use nuclear bomb. I can say again. WHY YOU ARE THERE?
Don't understand why she was even a character in the series?? Moral support? Failed at that!

12. Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

shinji ikari

3.4 %

I think everyone knows why he was useless! I mean come on!
Completely useless and got every killed or severely injured.

11. Aqua (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!)

aqua konosuba

4.4 %

only have useless skill
Lovely useless goddess! The Uselessness of this anime is so interesting!

Top10 - Top6

10. Misa Amane (Death Note)

Misa Amane Death Note

5.1 %


the people who made it said that the only reason she was put in the anime is because they didn't want the anime to be all guys.
I know she was all about Light and stuff, but the girl was not useful in many ways. It's just sad that she was treated as some tool, but she let it happen to her. Dumb.

9. Yuuki Cross (Vampire Knight)


5.4 %


She is supposedly a pureblood, the most powerful of vampires. But she didn't even try to learn her powers and needed two boys to protect her.
She makes want to life. Most useless character in the series.

8. Orihime Inoue (Bleach)

orihime inoue00

5.6 %


because she is useless. her power literally does nothing and all she does is sit on the sidelines crying for Ichigo, and yet somehow manages to get hurt anyway.
Can can't do anything in the fight all she do is just cry and calling ""Kurosaki-kun"".even thought her healing power is usefeul but her stupid attu=itude make her useless especially in hueco mundo arc Also she do a stupid thing like healing Musamasa who is the main antagonist in Zanpakuto arc which made the situation even worse. ""
"kurosaki-kun!","Kurosaki-kun!","KUROSAKI-KUN!!!", SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

7. Yukiteru Amano (Mirai Nikki)

Yukiteru Mirai Nikki

5.6 %


He is the worst Hero ever. He is always bawling like a baby, always saying bad thing to Yuno. So lame and selfish main chara
Without Yuno, he would be even more useless than ever.

6. Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

Lucy Heartfilia Fairy Tail

5.8 %


She may be the best celestial spirit who can summon some of the strongest zodiac spirits in Fairy Tail, but they do all the work. Lucy is literally there as eye candy. That's it. Completely USELESS!
This girl, just wanted to mess things up for Natsu, Erza, Happy, Mira Jane, Gray and the rest. She doesn’t do anything. She has others who fight for her. Watch the anime you will know.
I love Lucy, but she is really useless. All she really does is watch, get hurt, gets herself kidnapped. Until like the 5th season. So here!

Top5 - Top1

5. Satoshi "Ash Ketchum" (Pokemon)

Satoshi %22Ash Ketchum%22

6 %


Never gets older, never wins the league cup, his Pikachu's level is just messed up, forgets the most basic of moves, overall the WORST trainer.
He is simply just th worst pokemon trainer ever. Always losing his battles.
Loses every Pokemon Champion! Lets pretty much every decent Pokemon go free but keeps the herd of Toros. WTF!
"I'm gonna be the next Pokemon Mast....ahh just forget, let's move on to the next continent", useless bastard.
Pokemon are stronger the stronger their trainer is emotionally and in self confidence (in the anime) and ash stays whimpy as always. Plus he doesnt have common sence most of the time he's a dork and a problem always surges because he's an idiot. Like he can recognize team rocket guys without uniform.

4. Mr. Satan "Hercule" (Dragon Ball Z)


7.1 %


Claims he won every fight when the Z-Fighters did
Useless in actual fighting. The guy is a jokes!
He was more useful being punched around and taking care of Buu in the recent season of DBS.

3. Yamcha (Dragon Ball Z)


12.6 %


Keeps on dying and what else to say, completely useless
I have one reason: He dies. A LOT. Literally, all he does is stand there and be the first to get killed.
He's always dieing!!
He should have his own anime about 100 ways to die in DBZ!
Dead, is his nickname. Don't wear it ou...He's dead! >_>

Yamcha Dragon Ball Z figure

2. Sakura Haruno (Naruto)

naruto sakura haruno

12.9 %


While she becomes stronger and is a very good healer, she basically never uses her abilities fully in battle and always ends up on the sidelines doing nothing useful except crying for Sasuke.
she barely does anything the only time when she just decides to be a little of help she messes it up in the first 30 episodes of naruto the only thing she did was throw a knife.
Despite having great potential as a medical ninja she actually lets several people die and instead either does nothing or just heals characters who have healing abilities so she's literally doing nothing useful. All she does in the entire show is scream for Naruto and Sasuke and pretend she's at all sexy or desirable as a wife.
Ok well after a while in shippuden she starts to get useful but in naruto all she does is flirt with sasuke she does things that any simple side characters could do in fact in most episodes other new brought in characters do more that her!
Because she never did anything useful other than the Sasori fight.


1. Yui Komori (Diabolik Lovers)

diaboliklovers yui

15.7 %


Generic damsel in distress. She had the perfect opportunity to escape from the vampires but didn't. Just one step away from freedom and she ran back inside the mansion with a group of monsters who wanted to kill her. I mean... seriously?
She didn't even fight back, just a little. I swear she is so naive. Subaru gave a freaking knife and what did she use it for? To kill herself
Even to vampires, she's useless. Useless

komori yui diabolic lovers wallpaper


µ's (Muse): Love Live!

All are useless

Akarin: Yuru Yuri

She thinks so about herself xD

Chiaotzu: Dragon Ball

does nothing but dying

Leorio: Hunter x Hunter (2011)

He was the slowest of the four main characters to learn nen. He was also the reason the gang almost failed the hunter exam. He never shows up for any other arc, with exception too yorknew in which he had a airtime of nearly one episode.

Madoka Kaname: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

I believe her to be one of the most useless characters in anime because of her inability to make major decisions, her lack of power compared to the others, and the fact that one out of an unlimited number of timelines she is able to stop the cycle and become god only because homura put her into the cycles causing her power to grow. In fact the timelines where she could be useful she either dies or becomes the most powerful witch in the world destroying said world

honeys anime character
Wait, Sakura's not number one?! HOW?

honeys anime character
I think most people will be as surprised as you are! I'm glad to see some boys in the top ten, though!
honeys anime character
Yeah, I think we all knew Ash Ketchum would be in the top five. Even I'd be a better trainer than him!
honeys anime character
I feel sorry for Yui though... It's not her fault her creators treated her like crap...
honeys anime character
Whether it's her own fault or not, she's still useless! Anyway, what are we doing for the next poll, Honey-chan?
honeys anime character
We've got another hilarious one coming up - the worst looking/dressed characters in anime! Keep an eye out for the nominations soon!