2D Fighting Game, "Melty Blood: Type Lumina" Released September 30! 14 Character Details Included!

MELTYBLOOD_TYPELUMINA_LOGO 2D Fighting Game, "Melty Blood: Type Lumina"  Released September 30! 14 Character Details Included!

-Fight against players all over the world-

What You Need to Know:

  • Project LUMINA (Notes Co., Ltd., Aniplex Inc., DELiGHTWORKS Inc.) has begun sales for the 2D fighting game "Melty Blood: Type Lumina" for PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, and Steam as of September 30.
  • The title features "rollback netcode" to ensure stable connections for online play worldwide, and supports online competitive play events and e-sports development.
  • Furthermore, at the time of release the title will feature 14 playable characters with distinct battle styles, including the playable characters announced today. Players will enjoy the fast-past battles and smooth character controls that distinguish "Melty Blood: Type Lumina" through single player, online, and global competitive battles.
  • MELTYBLOOD_TYPELUMINA_LOGO 2D Fighting Game, "Melty Blood: Type Lumina"  Released September 30! 14 Character Details Included!

    New playable character! "Saber" joins the battle!

    • The face of another TYPE-MOON title, Saber from the "Fate" series joins the battle in a TYPE MOON crossover as a first-time playable character for the Melty Blood series.
    • Saber fights with a direct battle style using the range of her sword and the speed to close gaps instantly. She has two versions of her ultra-powerful Special, Arc Drive, and both have strong features such as wide-area attacks or counters.
    • Check out her introductory video for battle animations, Special effects, and fighting styles below:


      Summoned from a parallel world, the "King of Knights" should not even be here.

      Real name: Artoria Pendragon

      A knight with braided blonde hair, shining blue and silver armor, and a somewhat cold attitude. She is well-known from the legends of King Arthur, wielder of the holy sword Excalibur who founded the Knights of the Round Table.

      Fighting Styles, below:

      Arc Drive / Last Arc

      Arc Drive: Promised Blade
      A powerful Special using a mighty downward slash from over the head with the holy sword Excalibur.

      Arc Drive: Avalon
      The second Arc Drive Saber can use. An incredibly powerful Special where Saber holds her scabbard Avalon up, and counters hits from the opponent.

      Last Arc: Promised Blade - Sword Dance
      The most powerful tier of Specials, this attack has Saber rush the enemy with a hail of attacks before finishing with a massive strike from Excalibur.

      This move can only be used at the cost of 4 full Magic Circuit gauges, or will activate under a Blood Heat status after successfully using Shield. It can be used to instantly come from behind and regain footing when used with Forced Release.

      How Saber joined the battle

      Saber came to join Melty Blood: Type Lumina thanks to the passion of the developer French-Bread, and TYPE-MOON’s understanding. There are more details in the "Melty Blood: Type

      Lumina - Digital Deluxe Edition" bonus, "Melty Blood Archives" (digital edition). It has interviews with Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi. Saber also adds a lot to the "breadth" of the title as a fighting game, as fighting games thrive and show their strengths through battles between characters with distinct characteristics. As a "western" knight, Saber is quite distinct from the Tsukihime characters.

      2D Fighting Game, "Melty Blood: Type Lumina" Overview / Playable Characters / Systems

      The Melty Blood Series
      Melty Blood is a 2D fighting game developed by French-Bread based on an original game by TYPE-MOON. Since the game's original release on PC in 2002, it has also had a number of ports for arcade, PlayStation®2, and Steam. In the past, Melty Blood has been played in tournaments all over the world, including EVO2010 (Evolution Championship Series 2010) and the Japanese Tougeki tournament, and will continue to draw the spotlight as a competitive e-sports title.

      About "Melty Blood: Type Lumina"
      Released September 30, 2021, "Melty Blood: Type Lumina" features a total of 14 characters animated in 2D for battle against each other. Players control characters to use their numerous techniques and experience an individual story for each character.

      (1) A new "Melty Blood", reborn to carry on the spirit of the series
      This title remains true to the spirit of the Melty Blood series with updated systems and visuals, allowing even players who normally avoid fighting games to enjoy thrilling battles with simple controls. In addition to nostalgia for players of past series titles, the game also includes fresh elements that produce renewed excitement with the introduction of new systems.

      (2) Each character has their own story to enjoy!
      Enter the single-player "Story" mode to fight your way through an event story for each of 14 characters, all written by the amazing Kinoko Nasu of TYPE-MOON.

      Playable Characters & Battle Previews

    • This is an introduction to features of previously-announced characters.
    • ●Shiki Tohno

      Gameplay Video:

      Battle Preview:

      Shiki Tohno has simple, easy-to-use techniques such as control techniques with long reaches, and techniques that are good for counters, including those that give him invincibility. He uses a standard battle style that is easy for fighting game beginners to handle, while also having a distinct personality in the way that multiple techniques open up for him after using his "Boundary Peek" Arc Drive.

      He is primarily skilled in close-range battle, but also has a good reach for fighting at medium ranges, such as his knife rush technique with "Flash Sheath - Single Strike". His Strong Attack Blowback Edge and "Boundary Peek" Blowback Edge are slower attacks, but also powerful for being unblockable / unblockable to Crouching Shield.

      Using "Boundary Peek" unlocks three powerful techniques! "Flash Sheath - Eight Piercings" involves a rapid invincible rush and overhead attack, "Flash Sheath - Seven Nights" involves a rush and low attack on the opponent’s legs, and "Flash Sheath - Eight Points" involves quick slashes over a wide area in front of the character.

      His techniques are also excellent before using "Boundary Peek", but as a character, Shiki’s key to victory is saving up Magic Circuit gauges to use "Boundary Peek" before seizing the advantage with one of his various techniques.

      ●Arcueid Brunestud

      Gameplay Video:

      Battle Preview:

      Arcueid Brunestud is a character with a battle style that uses rushes and aerial attacks that leverage her mobility, in order to aggressively close the distance with foes. Her combos also have good damage, and with invincible techniques for counters alongside techniques that break opponents' Guards, make her a user-friendly character with a variety of powerful techniques.

      Her "Out of my way!" uses a rush and claw attack. It has two second-stage techniques: "You’re finished!" as a low attack, and "Sink!" as an overhead attack, while her Moon Skill "Out of my way!" can be activated with a single button as an additional technique, with the third attack a low attack. Her Moon Skill "What do you think you're doing...?" can vary with low and overhead attacks in its rush at the enemy, and is great at breaking the enemy’s Guard.

      Her Overhead Attack Blowback Edge is an overhead attack, while her Stong Attack Blowback Edge is unblockable / unblockable to Crouching Shield. She also has other easy-to-use, powerful attacks.

      She has a lot of straightforward, head-on attacks, and requires some skill to get close to enemies, but her mobility and "Ready, go!" rush allow her to close gaps and tear down opponent Guards with overhead, low, and unblockable attacks. Hammer your opponent with close-range rushes!

      ●Akiha Tohno

      Gameplay Video:

      Battle Preview:

      Akiha Tohno has a battle style that puts pressure on opponents and slowly wears them down with Specials that boast both a broad reach and powerful attack range, as well as powerful Set techniques that are easy to use and control the field.

      Her "Brilliant Wheel" sets a red wheel in the air and has a wide attack area, while being usable both on land and in the air. In addition to hindering opponent movement, players can use the wheel as a shield against attacks, or place it over a downed opponent to limit their mobility. This Special has numerous uses.

      Her "Brilliant Cherry Maple" EX Special is effective when the opponent is on the defensive, thanks to its inclusion of command throws like "Scarlet Mistress - Cage Hair" that cannot be blocked with Guard or Shield.

      She has numerous other techniques with long ranges, such as her "Painting the Moon", which is unblockable with Aerial Guard, and "Crushing Beasts", which launches a low attack over a wide area around the character, making it easy to seize the advantage from medium range.

      She is also strong on defense, and can launch attacks while holding off the opponent, or strike any gap in an opponent’s Guard!


      Gameplay Video:

      Battle Preview:

      Ciel features a technical playstyle with various long-range weapon and movement options. She is a balanced character, utilizing her Black Key for long-range combat and physical prowess to excel in close-range combat. There may be some difficulty due to the fact that she has many different skills for different situations and opponents, but her ability to move freely across the stage with a huge variety of attacks is unrivaled.

      Her Black Key can be thrown when standing or in the air, while her overhead attack "Black Key Throw" has two levels of additional techniques, changing the direction of the throw based on the additional attack button.

      The weak attack version of her flying movement skill "Halo" also flies forward with a medium attack and can be controlled using forward and back directional buttons. After taking flight with "Halo", she can either dive for an aerial command throw or use a Black Key Throw, making it an added distinguishing point for her mobility.

      Her combination of throw attacks and highly-compatible, powerful Specials lets players merge them into combos after a throw hits, as with her EX Special "Halo" wide-area attack, and her "Seventh Holy Scripture - Final Judgment" Arc Drive rush!

      Watch your opponent and the situation, and use her varied attacks to seize victory!


      Gameplay Video:

      Battle Preview:

      Hisui can handle both close- and long-range battles with a technical style that combines incredibly quick close-range attacks, projectiles with various speeds and trajectories, and Set Specials that work both on the ground and in the air.

      Her "Watch Your Step" involves throwing a variety of furniture as projectiles, and has a different speed and trajectory depending on the furniture that appears. This can throw off the opponent’s pace.

      At close range, Hisui’s "Sturdy Ladle" is a powerful, quick attack using cookware, and she also excels at landing counters.

      She can also Set a lunch box or cake that explodes on contact with the enemy with her "Well- deserved rest", or sending floating dust in the air with a duster using "Pardon me", letting her block opponent moves and launch combos, prevent downed opponents from standing, and more, in a variety of situations!

      Her Strong Attack Blowback Edge involves a quick rush and strikes on the enemy with furniture while canceling out enemy attacks, for a powerful Special that can fight off long-range attacks.

      Her technical style can disrupt the opponent’s pace, letting her close in for the kill with a rush!


      Gameplay Video:

      Battle Preview:

      Kohaku is a medium- to long-range type with a tricky style that utilizes long-range attacks through her sword hidden in her bamboo broom, setting plants, and aerial fire bombs.

      Her "Drawn Sword - Hidden Blade" uses a sword hidden in a bamboo broom for long reach, and in addition to powerful ground control and aerial attacks, it also fits well into combos.

      Her "Look What I Grew ♪" summons a mysterious plant that allows players to trap opponents by circling behind it, or lets players prevent the opponent from standing when placed near a downed foe.

      Her "Magical Amber Missile" lets her ride her broom while granting invincibility, and she can drop fire bombs as an additional technique. Use "Look What I Grew ♪" then circle behind the opponent and attack, or combine these moves in other ways for great effects.

      Her main moves involve breaking down the opponent, but her Blowback Edge Arc Drive "Chinese Kohaku Cuffing" can change into an unblockable command throw and uses an invincible charge, making it effective on enemies with tight Guards.

      Overwhelm opponents with various techniques and corner them on the offensive!

      ●Hisui & Kohaku

      Battle Preview:

      Hisui and Kohaku can fight as a pair, changing out during the battle as a single playable character. In addition to having a variety of projectiles, they are flexible in all situations thanks to the ability to change out characters situationally and thus change their support attacks.

      When controlling Hisui, players have a speed-type character suited to close-range combat, with aerial bombs and attacks by Kohaku using "Sisterly Bond - Foundation" for tricky support attacks, giving her an offensive edge. The Weak Attack "Sisterly Bond - Foundation" also summons a plant that evolves when watered! Rush the enemy and witness the move’s visual impact and ability to control the screen!

      When controlling Kohaku, players have a medium- to long-range type with good reach on her attacks, as well as rushes and ranged support attacks like furniture throws from Hisui with her

      Moon Skill "Sisterly Bond - Storm Clouds", enhancing ranged combat skills for Hisui. The rush attack that Hisui performs with "Sisterly Bond - Storm Clouds" can also break Guards easily as a dual-sided attack when used with the opponent surrounded! Skilled use of both characters’ attacks according to the situation can force the opponent to match your pace.

      ●Kouma Kishima

      Gameplay Video:

      Battle Preview:

      Kouma Kishima is a power-type character that excels in close-range combat. With his guard breaking command throws and super armor, he can attack without pause, and boasts unparalleled strength in close-combat with the ability to shatter guards after closing. He is somewhat lacking in mobility, but many of his Moon Skills allow him to leap from medium range, such as "Triple Comet" and "Crushing Blow", making careful use of closer moves and proximity to the opponent his key to victory.

      His "Godly Armor" skill cloaks him in flame as he attacks and also grants "super armor", while his EX Special "Godly Armor" is a powerful move that gives him "super armor" temporarily after the move ends.

      He also has a variety of command throws, with the Medium Attack "Crushing Blow" granting "super armor", while the EX Special "Crushing Blow" makes him invincible, allowing him to attack somewhat recklessly. His Arc Drive "Unicorn - Flame Waltz" grants invincibility even during command throws and uses a rush to grab the enemy, making it both powerful and easy to execute.

      As a character, he also has a wealthy of options for breaking opponent Guards, such as Blowback Edge attacks that can be either unblockable to Guard or Crouching Shield.

      Close the distance with foes using Moon Skills and "super armor", then hammer them with powerful close-range attacks!

      ●Miyako Arima

      Gameplay Video:

      Battle Preview:

      Miyako Arima uses explosive burst damage from powerful close-range rushes, using her high mobility and numerous quick, close-up attacks. Her reach is lacking due to her small size, but she is uniquely able to dodge enemy attacks, and can close distances with her wide-area Moon Skills. Her Medium Attack "Double Kick" uses a rush and launching kick overhead attack, while she also has low attacks such as the EX Special "Quake Stomp" Medium Attack, which hits with a shockwave. Once she takes an opponent down, she also has strong "rising attacks" that hit opponents from overhead or low strikes as they try to stand.

      She has three varieties for her "Elbow Strike" rush: the weak attack is a quick follow-up with "Iron Palm", the medium attack circles behind the opponent with "Divine Flash", and the strong attack strikes low with "Zen Smash", giving her powerful Guard breaking options low, or from the front or back.

      Her "Arrow Fist" launches after a rush, while its Blowback Edge and EX Special versions grant "super armor" and allow her to forcibly close gaps.

      Use her mobility to close the distance, then hammer the opponent’s Guard with powerful close- range attacks!


      Gameplay Video:

      Battle Preview:

      Noel specializes in mid-range combat using her large halberd and Black Key, throwing the Black Key and using the halberd’s reach to corner opponents. As a character, she is easy to handle for fighting game beginners thanks to her ability to keep control and watch the enemy, keeping her ideal range at a safe distance while breaking their Guard.

      Her Black Key throw, "Black Key (Simple)", is powerful and easy to use while moving or in combos, but has a limit of 10 uses per round. This makes timing when to use it critical. This technique has ground and aerial versions, with the ground version allowing a second Black Key throw or dash cancel. The variety can keep opponents tied down. The aerial version can interfere with opponents' aerial actions, and adjusting the timing for leaping at the opponent lets players use this move for emphasis during aerial attacks.

      She has a variety of medium-range overhead attacks including a leaping halberd slash with the Black Key with "Heavy Punishment". It replaces the low attack from her usual long-range standard Special, making it both simple and powerful for shaking the enemy’s Guard!

      Her general tactics involve keeping distance from the opponent while fighting, but she has emergency measures when enemies close in, such as her "Noel Somersault" EX Special kick upward, and her Arc Drive "Time To Repent" which grants invincibility. Pin the opponent down with a variety of long-range techniques, and launch attacks from a safe distance!

      ●Michael Roa Valdamjong

      Gameplay Video:

      Battle Preview:

      As a character, Michael Roa Valdamjong has numerous Specials and excellent speed and reach. In addition to a traditional, easy-to-use style involving quick rushes, ranged lightning, and techniques to hit aerial opponents, he is also capable of varied strategies to suit his opponent. His "Thunderclap" shrouds him in lightning for a rush, and can instantly close gaps. While the incredible speed lets players use this for surprises, he can also close in on aerial enemies from medium range using "Thunderclap", then link that to combos. The EX Special "Thunderclap" is useful in a variety of situations as a powerful full-screen attack with invincibility to block enemy attacks, and even grants increased damage when incorporated into a combo from a reversal. His "Thunder Needle", which fires lightning horizontally, and "Timeless Thunder Needle", which fires lightning diagonally downward from the sky, can be used repeatedly as additional techniques. These moves are effective when used based on the opponent’s position: "Thunder Needle" for those on the ground, and "Timeless Thunder Needle" with its wide area for those in the air.

      Although it takes some effort to break the opponent’s guard from a distance with him, he is also good at beating opponents while they're down with a mix of jumping and crouching attacks. Score combo hits with techniques like the long-range "Thunder Needle" and EX Special "Thunderclap", and use an amazing Special to beat your downed opponent!

      ●Vlov Arkhangel

      Gameplay Video:

      Battle Preview:

      Vlov Arkhangel (Vlov) is a powerful character with various projectile attacks and a massive blade with a long reach, which does not let anyone near. He also has Flame and Ice Modes, which each change how some of his attacks perform. His abilities make him unique as a character. He starts battles in Flame Mode, but shifts to Ice Mode when in danger of defeat, such as when there is only one round left for an opponent victory.

      "Flame, Disease" launches flaming arms in Flame Mode, while "Ice, Memory" fires three pillars of ice in Ice Mode. Both can be used in the air, and allow an extra attack in combos. These are effective control techniques to impair enemy movement, since they can be fired horizontally or diagonally at will.

      Furthermore, "Homeward, Disease" covers the ground in flame in Flame Mode, while "Homeward, Memory" freezes the ground in Ice Mode. Both reach the edge of the screen instantly, making them effective for controlling enemies that close the distance on land. They are also easy to incorporate into combos, as their additional attacks come from behind the opponent as low attacks, and launch the opponent toward Vlov when they hit.

      There are two follow-ups to his blade slash with "Bula Chigl", a strike that launches opponents, and a command throw. It can be used situationally, such as to break the Guard of a tough opponent with an additional throw.

      Use wide-area attacks to restrict enemy movement, keeping your ideal distance and controlling
      the fight!

      ●Red Arcueid

      Gameplay Video:

      Battle Preview:

      Red Arcueid is a character with power and speed, as well as projectiles and high-speed movement abilities. She is designed to fight freely based around those skills. In addition to her "Alte Schule" projectile (which can be fired from on the ground or in the air), she also has aerial Specials that grant "super armor" to prevent reactions when hit by enemy attacks. She is extremely powerful in aerial battles, and uniquely reliable in her mobility. Her recommended style is to close in while locking the enemy down with projectiles, then rush at close range to maneuver.

      Her high-speed movement Special "Weisse Katze" has movement patterns with an afterimage in front and slight forward movement, and major forward movement that can warp past the opponent. The Blowback Edge version moves forward before appearing in the air. Her Moon Skill "Weisse Katze" is simple to input and movement begins quickly, making it perfect for throwing off the opponent when used to maneuver! This special serves as a way to move creatively and break opponent Guards when combined with other rapid movements, such as rapid rushes, circling behind the enemy, and attacking from the air. The Medium and Strong Blowback Edge versions of her normal attacks grant "super armor" and also convert her medium attacks into overhead attacks, allowing her to forcibly close gaps while taking enemy hits!

      Throw opponents off balance with wild movements, force them to your pace, and launch close- range rush attacks!


      Battle Preview:

      Saber fights with a direct battle style using the range of her sword and the speed to close gaps instantly. She has easy-to-use normal skills and specials that branch into many attacks. Effective use of these skills should make it difficult for your opponent to read her attacks. She has two versions of her ultra-powerful Special, Arc Drive, and both have strong features such as wide-area attacks or counters.

      Battle System

      ■ Rapid Beat

      A combo performed by pressing attack buttons in rapid succession. This executes a simple but hard-hitting combo. It allows even people who do not play fighting games often to enjoy exciting battles.

      ■ "Moon Skill" and "Moon Drive"

      "Moon Skill" and "Moon Drive" are new battle systems introduced in this title. Each has its own powerful effect achieved by using up "Moon Icons", a new resource.

      ・Moon Icon
      Moon Icons are the moon mark beside the Life Gauge. These build up as attacks hit your opponent, and are used to power Moon Skills and Moon Drive. The moon will grow more or less full as the gauge fills or empties.

      ・Moon Skill
      Moon Skills are powerful Specials that can be unleashed by consuming Moon Icons. They deal greater damage than regular Specials, and are not only powerful but easy to activate with simple controls using combinations of the directional buttons and attack buttons.

      ・Moon Drive
      A power-up that can be activated by using all of your Moon Icons any time you have more than one half full. The Moon Icon will turn red when this is used. It temporarily boosts your Moon Skill, increases your Magic Circuit or number of possible Jumps/Dashes, as well as providing various other effects.

      ■ Magic Circuit

      The gauge shown at the bottom of the screen. Once filled up, it can be spent to use EX Specials, or trigger a Heat status.

      ■ Special / EX Special

      Specials are high-power moves. Spend Magic Circuit gauges to dish out the even more powerful EX Specials.

      ■ Shield / Shield Counter

      Use Shield to block your opponent's attack, and then press an attack button to follow up with a Shield Counter!

      ■ Heat / Blood Heat

      A Heat status gives you a boost to your abilities, recovers HP and enables you to use Arc Drive. In a Blood Heat, you'll be able to use Last Arc.

      ■ Arc Drive

      Arc Drive is an extremely powerful Special that uses 3 full Magic Circuit gauges to perform, or Heat status.

      Here, two characters’ Arc Drives are covered as examples.

      ・"Melty Blood"
      The Arc Drive for Arcueid Brunestud. A high-power Special that binds the opponent with vines, then slashes them wildly with claws. It covers a wide area and hits even distant opponents while granting temporary immunity to attacks with invincibility, making it effective for reversing the course of a battle.

      ・"Scarlet Mistress - Cage Hair"
      The Arc Drive for Akiha Tohno. A high-power special that turns her hair red at its start, before she grapples the enemy at close range. This is a command throw and cannot defend against with guard and shield, making it ideal for breaking the Guard of a skilled enemy. It also grants invincibility, allowing players to cause massive counterattack damage at close range.

      ■ Last Arc

      Last Arc is a super Special that dishes out incredible damage at the cost of 4 full Magic Circuit gauges, but is also usable under Blood Heat status after successfully using Shield! Here, two characters’ Last Arcs are covered as examples. Please play the game and check out the Last Arc for each character.

      ・"Testify - Seventeen Dissection"
      The Last Arc for Shiki Tohno. This is a high-power Special that hits 17 times in an instant as Shiki unleashes his "Mystical Eyes of Death Perception" to see the death of all things, and stabs the opponent with a knife. It also restores life when in Blood Heat status, making it ideal to use as a Last Arc when on the brink of defeat. It can instantly drain the opponent’s health, making it possible to recover from a disadvantage in a single move.

      ・"Drawn Sword Technique - Comet Sweep"
      The Last Arc for Kohaku. A high-power Special that unleashes a single slash from the blade hidden in her bamboo broom. Also note the fancy background that appears after use! The Forced Release where players can shift into in a Blood Heat status will launch enemies hit, and can create distance. It is effective to use Forced Release when enemies are on the offensive, since Kohaku is weak at close range. Work to use Shield when in Blood Heat status, activating Last Arc and turning the fight around.

      Game System

      ■ Rollback Netcode

      "Melty Blood: Type Lumina" uses rollback netcode. This allows for reliable, stable games with players all over the world.

      *Cross-platform battles are not supported.

      ■ Customize Color Mode

      Customize your character’s color in battle any way you like in this mode! There are 10 color and design varieties offered, including five separate parts and base colors. You can save up to three color customizations for use in battles.

      Some characters also have alternate outfit designs and variations on outfits. Arcueid Brunestud usually wears tights, but can switch into knee-high socks with customization!

      Outfit colors will also change during some animations for characters with outfits that change at the start of battles or during Specials! You can check outfit colors during animations by changing character poses after configuring colors.

    Source: Official Press Release

    MELTYBLOOD_TYPELUMINA_LOGO 2D Fighting Game, "Melty Blood: Type Lumina"  Released September 30! 14 Character Details Included!
    I've been waiting for this title since they announced it!
    MELTYBLOOD_TYPELUMINA_LOGO 2D Fighting Game, "Melty Blood: Type Lumina"  Released September 30! 14 Character Details Included!
    I think EVERY FGC fan has, Bee-kun! lol