3 Anticipated PS4 Games Announced at E3 2018 [Best Recommendations]

E3 2018 has closed its doors for this year, but the sheer amount of amazing games announced and previewed stayed with us here at Honey’s Anime far beyond the final hours of the event. Needless to say, there are tons of great games that really caught our attention, but if we were to talk about them all in one article, it would be a bit much to say the least. That’s why we decided to split our anticipated games of E3 2018 articles and this time, talk about Sony’s PS4. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite announced games in our 3 Anticipated PS4 Games Announced at E3 2018 article. Let’s see what some of the best games of E3 2018 were from the Sony side of the convention.

1. Resident Evil 2

  • System/Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Release Date: Jan, 2019

Yes folks, after years of outcries from fans and plenty of prayers, Capcom has finally listened and plans on releasing easily 2019—basically January—Resident Evil 2 remade entirely from the ground up. When we saw this announced, we were left with our jaws dropped and we could tell from the various other viewers of E3 2018 both online and live at the event, that we weren’t alone. What shocked us even more was Resident Evil 2 is coming out in January 2019, which is only 5 months away! Get ready survival horror fans, a classic is about to be reborn soon and we can’t wait for it! Sony might have had some huge announced games, but Resident Evil 2 was definitely a surprise we didn’t expect.

Resident Evil 2- E3 2018 PlayStation Showcase Trailer | PS4 (Official Trailer)

2. Death Stranding

  • System/Platform: PS4
  • Release Date: N/A

Around 2015, Konami expunged Hideo Kojima—creator of the famous Meal Gear series—and it was news that rocked many fans of his work, including us here at Honey’s Anime. However, Kojima didn’t bow out from the gaming world when he was let go; instead, he started up his own studio called Kojima Productions. Thus, one of his first games announced not even a year later was Death Stranding which starred famous actor Norman Reedus and was just an odd trailer showing us nothing but a man and a weird baby. E3 2018 changed this though by finally showing us gameplay of Death Stranding and without using expletive words, it was gosh dang amazing. We finally see that we need to explore a huge open world and try to survive against foes unseen to the naked eye. While we still have dozens of questions remaining, we at least had one answered and we’ll take that for now. Look out for Death Stranding to release sometime—soon hopefully—in the near future for the PS4.

Death Stranding | E3 2018 Trailer | PS4 (Official Trailer)

3. The Last of Us Part II

  • System/Platform: PS4
  • Release Date: N/A

Ending our 3 Anticipated PS4 Games Announced at E3 2018 list is The Last of Us Part II and trust us readers out there, this was one game we were hoping to see at the event. We learned that Ellie—the star teenager of The Last of US—would be returning as the main character now older and more survival ready then in the previous game. Developer Naughty Dog also showed us some gameplay for The Last of Us Part II so we finally got to see how the game would run and play when it releases in the near future. While we loved the trailer of its announcement last year in 2017, seeing The Last of Us Part II running and playing just hyped us even more for this incredible survival-action game. Sony, please let us know when The Last of Us Part II will come out…waiting might be a survival game in of itself…

The Last of Us Part II | E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PS4

Final Thoughts

Sony indeed had a powerful reveal of a dozen games like Kingdom Heart 3, Ghosts of Tsushima and Spider-Man but we think the three above captured the attention of the crowd the most when they were shown off. What games announced at E3 2018—from the Sony side—has you ready drop your hard-earned bills on when they release? Comment down below and share with us your thoughts! We aren’t done covering E3 2018 here at Honey’s Anime so make sure to keep coming back to our amazing hive for more articles to read and enjoy.

Death-Stranding-gameplay-700x394 3 Anticipated PS4 Games Announced at E3 2018 [Best Recommendations]


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